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It was 2018, I think, when I first started this blog. Mainly as a way to document the experiences and understandings unfolding from this true spiritual path that Life set me on.

It was messy at first, I was seeing, understanding and experiencing so many contradictory things, from so many levels of existence, from many layers and aspects of myself simultaneously. I felt angry, sadden and sometimes literally crawling on the floor from all the pain of this world, that once my awareness started to purify.. I started being more and more aware of.

At first I felt to write articles mainly focused on revealing the non sense of this reality and some aiding tools that anybody could use in order to find a bit of health and sanity in this world.

Now, after maybe 6 years of walking this journey, my vision of what this world is and what we are as human beings has kinda settled and clarified. Not entirely, of course, the understanding deepens and clarifies more with each passing day, but nonetheless now I feel more confident of having a clear grasp over what this reality truly is.

So now I see things a bit more differently than when I started this blog. At first I saw this clear distinction between what I then called ‘the Real World’ and ‘the Mirror Glass World’. One being the true existence, another being a false, illusory one. Although I still see this clear distinction between these two different worlds, now I also see more facets, more intricacies in why they exist and the roles they have.

So now I feel to restructure a bit how information is being presented on this blog.
There are four main directions or categories that I thought to divide the content on this blog into, from now on.

1. The first direction and category of content is titled ‘Spirit and Gnosis’.
Under this category I shall continue to share from my own internal knowledge of what this reality is, how it functions, the principles and formulas of existence itself. What is the physical world, what is the energetic world, what is a mind, what is a body, what is a soul and what is spirit. How do all of them function together creating the reality that we find ourselves in.

2. The second category of content is titled ‘The Magical Existence’.
I still have a bit of unclarity about whether this magical existence that I’m sensing is the true version of this creation or our actual existence outside of creation itself. In any case, I have some sensations/memories from this unphtantomable magical existence, and I am going to put forward some of these memories in the form of either articles or videos. This is important because.. while we have been entranced in the non sense of this reality, our senses have almost entirely forgot our natural and magical existence. And as we hear more and more about it.. our Soul is given the ability to remember. And it is She.. the Soul that we have to wake up, in order to restore this world to its true natural form.

3. The third category of content is titled ‘The Unnatural Reality’ and in this category of content I shall be delving more into the unnatural aspects of this hellish type of reality that we find ourselves in. How did we ended up with so much amount of suffering, why is this reality so insane, and how can we navigate this unnatural reality as Spirits in creation.

4. The forth category of content is titled ‘The Golden Path’.
This exact phrase ‘The Golden Path’ I first encountered it in the book of Dune by Frank Herbert. Firstly, there seems to be a certain connection between me and Dune, and between me and the desert in general, which I haven’t yet figured out completely. But, as I was reading the book of Dune I found this notion of the Golden Path, and this path was related to freeing the human spirit from entrapment and enslavement to different political or religious systems, cults or ideologies. And when I read this phrase ‘The Golden Path’ I felt such an intense and immediate recognition, like I almost always knew these words.
So I adopted this phrase and I decided to use it to describe this authentic and genuine spiritual path, which is the path that leads from this unnatural reality to the magical existence. And so.. in this forth category of content we are going to find practical tools that we can use to free our Spirit from this world of hell.

In addition to these four new directions, I am going to continue journaling about some of my own experiences, presenting some of the dreams that usually happen for me (which many of them they are not dreams!), and also.. presenting unique and valuable works from other independent researchers and free spirited beings.

I also thought to make a design update to the blog itself, highlighting these new categories and structuring the information more clearly.

I might also, in the future, decide to keep the blog ‘lumeadinoglinda’ strictly as a romanian dedicated blog, presenting the same content but in the romanian language. And create an english version of the blog, hosted under a different name. But that in its right time.

I also need to make a clear statement about who the content on this blog, and respectively the content on the youtube channel, is addressing. As much of the content that I’ve been putting out has been, without me even realising until fairly recently, addressing the beings of Spirit. What I write, what I see and what I can describe as tools and knowledge is mainly directed to the other beings which come from Spirit and their Spirit is alive in them.

My writings and the info that I put forward is rarely ever intended to solve the never ending problems of the fearful but vanitous mind or soul which thinks of itself to be the ultimate form of existence.

I speak to the beings of Spirit which are a quintessence of Body-Mind-Soul and something else altogether: Spirit and Love. True Love.

So I speak to you, dear kin which my Heart remembers.
I speak to you dear Heart, which your eyes have never been fully blind and your ears have never been fully deaf, and you found yourself a stranger between strangers, all your life – without knowing why.
Constantly seeing and knowing the insanity of this world, constantly trying to speak or do something about it, only to be met – in most cases – with adversity, mockery or ignorance.
I speak to you fellow brother of my Heart.

We are here together and our Hearts are already beating in the same tune.
I know we are to find each other again, so let us walk this walk through this desert of Life.
And let’s allow the whispers of this desert to bring us together again, where we truly belong.

I also released a video describing the same changes on the youtube channel.

May we find each other on this journey of Life.

DN Mar 24, 2024

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