(Video) Non Conformist Radio 2 – I am that I am, and some personal comments

Impressed to see this video by Non Conformist Radio 2, on youtube.

I especially enjoyed the first part.
Also left some comments on the video, which are featured below.

10:50 Where I’ve gotten so far is that there are two main categories of beings: beings of creation and beings of Spirit. The beings of creation consider their Soul/Mind construct to be the ultimate reality. While beings of Spirit – coming from outside of Creation altogether, what can be described as the Real Reality – they can recognise they have a thinking Mind and an expressionistic Soul, but they don’t take those to be ultimate reality. That’s because something in them (the Spirit) knows something else exists outside of both the Mind and the Soul.

15:39 Yes, subject and object, thought and matter exist only together, similar to the wave-particle dualism.

16:37 “Thought is a counter irritant, at odds with something that is irritating it ” – YES! Garret! You are getting close, hehe. You might not imagine how accurate you are with this one. Something is constantly, 24/7, damaging our Soul. The state our Soul is in, in this reality, is un-imaginably horrific. And thoughts are used as a drug to numb us from that pain. Similar to a shot of dopamine, thinking creates the impression that we are in control over our reality, and it makes us feel a bit more stable, a bit more calm, relaxed. Otherwise.. if we would acknowledge/see the true situation (the actual damage) we are constantly under, at the level of our Soul, we would freak out to possible obliteration. I know you know the actual horror condition we are in, you are one of the few who “can see”.

24:21 “That which is not, that is the Truth”. Yep, this is why in the first verses of Tao Te Ching we find: “The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao The name that can be named is not the eternal name The nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth The named is the mother of myriad things” 24:50 I think others do exist, I don’t know if there is only one Spirit. But.. we can only find this one out for sure, once we are again in the Real Reality.

26:19 Yes, the force that is governing this place (by its simple name: The Devil) is playing both sides: both the so called “good” and the so called “evil” are in all actuality diced by the same force, in a “good cop – bad cop” type of tactic.

26:37 I have experienced the same lucidity during the day, provided that achievement came through enormous effort and years of practice. Last December I had such a moment of lucidity one day.. it was unspeakable, and in that moment.. as I was starring at the wall.. I knew.. this is how it is to die. I knew this is the state of so called “dying”. It was just an enormous lucidity, like waking up from sleep. So yeah, you are on track with this one, when we go to sleep (and consequently when we die).. I believe we are actually “waking up”, either becoming our True Self again or some other, more real, version of ourselves.

29:50 We would be left with neutral, point zero, Consciousness yes. But also something else: the Will to Be, which you spoke of at the beginning of the video.

30:14 I would call the Heart neutral, but never indifferent. Because.. there is that Will to Be there. And whenever there is Will, there is a vision, an intent and a direction for why Being exists in the first place. So never indifferent. Neutral.. yes!

32:38 That’s the base layer of Creation. I call it the Void. The void is what separates the reality in Creation from the reality outside of Creation. We come from outside of Creation, and we have a real existence there! We are true real beings! But first thing we become, as we enter in Creation.. is that Nothing/Everything oceanic orgasmic bliss, yes.

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