The thermodynamics of Life

The following text was written as a response to a question received in a recent conversation with a friend.

Much to my surprise working to answer this question lead to the writing of what might be the most clear synthesis of my understandings on the nature of reality, so far.

This text has a certain value to it, so for anyone finding its way to this text, I could suggest saving it.

DN, Mar 10, 2024

(DN) “[…] this entire reality, this distorted version of it I mean, is DESIGNED to be problematic, painful, hellish”
(SL) Ok yes..but why is it designed like this and why did we choose to be in it??

YES! Good question.
This type of thinking is the one I like, and why I like it.. is because.. it opens us up to a truer understanding of reality, extending beyond this present creation/’game’.

So here I am able to tell you only what I have been able to perceive through my own internal knowledge, but also through directly applying this knowledge and seeing it at work in practice. So I’ve grown fairly sure that things are somewhat along the following lines.

Seen from a truer level of existence .. what we are is what can be described as Awareness. But actually, in that truer level of existence, what here we call Awareness is in fact our real body. Our real body is made of this ‘magical’ substance, which has some interesting properties.

One of these properties is that.. when this substance is contracted, it becomes solid and takes the form of what here we call matter. When this substance is relaxed, it becomes liquid and takes the form of what here we call energy.

Thus, like a muscle, Awareness can be contracted and relaxed, creating and un-creating physical realities. Transforming it from energy to matter and vice-versa.

This is a sort of higher level thermodynamics, where we can either cool down and contract our Awareness, freezing it in a given pattern, giving birth to physical manifestations. Or.. we can heat it up, liquifying or vaporising it, transforming it back to pure energy or potential.

Here I need to add a crucial detail before going further.
Our current understanding of reality happens to be kinda backwards from how things actually are. For example, what we call physical reality is actually a dream, an illusion. And what we call energy is actually a much more real, solid and factual state of existence, more real than physicality. It would be correct to say that what we call energy, contrary to what most people think of when they hear this term, is not a lesser solid state of existence but actually a much denser, more solid and real state of existence than physicality. Think about the density in the nucleus of an atom, which might be considered to contain just “nothing” or empty space. But that nothing is not nothing, it’s just something so condensed, so dense, so powerful – that we cannot perceive it.

So, in a way, we could say that.. energy is much more real than physicality. And compared to energy, what we call ‘physicality’ is more of the likeness of a dream or an illusion. A fabulation, an imagination or a story. When Awareness cools down and contracts and becomes material and physical, this means that Awareness falls like in a sleep and starts dreaming dreams, or stories. When, instead, Awareness heats up and relaxes, it wakes up to its true natural form, living its true natural existence.

When no force is applied to it, awareness is naturally at rest. In this state of perfect rest – what would be described as pure void or absolute zero – our Awareness sees and experiences the entirety of our being, at once. So the state of pure zero is not the absence of experience, but in fact.. it’s the fullest, more real, experience possible.

So.. this is what our true body is made out of.
A magical substance which can be either contracted, creating dreams. Or relaxed, experiencing the true nature of reality.

At the level of our human experience here, this property gives us the ability to solidify and liquify our mind at will, being able to change the state our Awareness is in, and thus: change the reality that we experience. Hop from one reality to another, at will.

In this ‘game’ we start with our awareness being in a semi liquid state. Although there are a lot of pre-planned tendencies even since we are in our mother’s womb, tendencies which limit the full spectrum our Awareness naturally has, still.. as a baby our Awareness tends, generally, to be much more liquid. Much more free flowing, as it would be in its true, natural state. This is why many children can report having seen different inter-dimensional beings, or experiencing trees being alive, or having magical experiences when they were a child. It’s because as a child our Awareness is still much more fluid and thus: we see a much broader spectrum of reality.

Yet, with time, as we grow.. what happens is that.. there is a force that governs this entire realm, that works at solidifying our Awareness, freezing it in an un-natural pattern. More on why an un-natural pattern later on.

So, as we grow old.. we start being in contact with people from this realm, with music, with food, with language, tools or objects created by the minds existing in this realm. And many of the minds existing in this realm are minds in which Awareness exists in a solidified, un-natural state rather than a natural, free flowing one. So, by interacting with this world (with anything existing in it, “good” or “bad”), gradually our own Awareness starts to also solidify, through a process of thermodynamic exchange. We import the state of consciousness from the other beings or things we interact with, and we also give from our state of consciousness to the other beings or things we interact with, similar to heat exchange between two different bodies of water.

As this present world is, by design, existing in a solidified (un-natural) state, through our repeated interactions with it, our Awareness imports from this state and becomes more solid, more limited and condensed, seeing only a smaller spectrum of reality instead of the broader, natural one. And thus we gradually lose that sense of magic that we felt when we were children. Our Awareness becomes more stiff, more rigid, more limited and condensed and we lose the ability to see those “magical beings” or talk to the trees, or see everything as being alive, and so on. Our own senses start being attuned, more and more, to a solid, greyed and static version of reality. The un-natural pattern which is the base of this entire realm.

From childhood onwards, many of us just continue to spiral into greater and greater patterns of this un-naturality. Becoming more and more iced down, stiff, rigid, dogmatic. Un-magical, un-dreaming, un-thinking of anything extra than the greyed out version of reality presented to us as the normal, day by day existence.

Many of us forget almost completely that sense of wonder, of freedom, of pure joy and self expression we had as a child. Some might remember it only as a mere curiosity.

And for many of us this iced down, greyed, un-magical and un-natural version of reality becomes the norm. And thus, we live and die this way, and that’s it.

Now, what the true, genuine and authentic spiritual teaching and training does is that.. it first teaches us about this special property of our own mind/Awareness, and then.. it teaches us how to start to practically use it. Work our way to “warm up” our own Awareness, de-freezing it from this un-natural pattern it has been currently iced in, turning it back to its natural fluid state – the zero state of all potential, freedom, magic and open possibilities.

So one reason for why this reality is designed to be problematic, painful, hellish.. is to act as a training ground for us to learn the ability to liquify our mind, at will. And thus gain full operation over our true spiritual body, by learning how to contract and relax the muscles in this spiritual body (eg: Mind), at will.

There is an opposing force that governs this entire reality that we are currently in, that works day and night to freeze our Awareness in an un-natural pattern. This is its purpose and role, it was designed to do this, and it is just doing its job. By having this force freezing our Awareness in this un-natural pattern, we are given the chance to learn to counteract this force, by learning how to liquify our Awareness back to its natural form. And by learning how to do this, we are learning how to control the muscle of our own Awareness, our own mind.

Think in terms of the physical body. When you want to grow your physical muscles, you go to the gym, and you put on those weights to have a certain opposing force that would counteract your force, so you can develop your muscles and grow their force. It’s the same concept, but applied to our true body/Awareness.

By having the Devil constantly working to freeze our mind in an un-natural pattern, we are given the opportunity to grow and develop the property of creating our own Fire and thus liquifying back our mind to its natural state. Thus learning how to become in full control of our Awareness, ourselves.

This is the true meaning that I find in the story of Adam and Eve eating from the fruit of the tree of knowledge, and becoming like god. By eating from the fruit of the tree of knowledge they were exposed, for the first time, to the effects of coldness and ice.

Once they took in this “fruit”, this “wrong vision” (as Chiron Last would put it), their Awareness started being contracted and controlled by a “cold, icy mind” which started freezing it in an un-natural pattern. They became “trapped” in the patterns of their own minds, in a solidified version of it, that they now could not escape. The only way to “escape” would be to learn how to self combust. How to create their own heat, sort to speak, and thus.. be able to liquify back this magical substance they were made out of and thus escape the un-natural pattern.

Prior to that point, I can assume they had no notion of either knowing how to cool down this magical substance they were made of, or of how to warm it up. They just had it, but they didn’t knew how to use it.

I could also assume that before the point of ingesting the “fruit”, they might have “imported” their heat from a different source. If we would continue with the original myth, we can assume that before eating the fruit they were “importing” heat from “God”, which acted similar to an exterior sun. But after they ate the fruit, they found themselves “starred down” by a different type of sun. A black sun. A dark, cold, icy sun that started freezing them, instead of heating them.

And so, under the rays of this dark sun, their Awareness – the substance which they were made out of, became frozen in an un-natural pattern, that now they had to learn how to de-freeze themselves from. Thus: learning how to generate their own heat, their own energy. Thus: “becoming like god”.

Also it is interesting to note here that the word ‘ice’ is phonetically identical to ‘eyes’, which tells us that to look at something means to ice/solidify it into existence. This is where we get the concept of the observer effect in quantum mechanics, where a wave becomes a particle whenever it is observed. Basically showing us that.. to have our eyes on something means to ice that something into place. To see is to make believe. Literally.

Also showing us that the senses of perception that we are using, in this reality here, are lying to us and are pertaining to this iced version of reality created by this dark sun, and not to the true natural version of reality, which would be our natural state.

And this is where the one eye symbolism also comes into play, btw.

So.. the theme of this particular “game”, seen from a higher level of existence, is to learn how to create our own spiritual Fire and thus be able to liquify our mind at will, restoring our Awareness to its true, natural state. Transforming it from solid (the automatic state that we are in) to liquid.

And then.. learning how to re-solidify this liquid substance, this time in a natural form – by exposing it to the will of our Spirit, rather than to the will of this Devil/Dark Sun.

The struggle and challenge we currently face is “How do I let go of this solid state of existence that appears to me as a hard fact physical reality?”, “How do I let go of attachments, notions, ideas, beliefs, that keep my awareness tethered to this un-natural version of reality, so that my mind enters again into the state of natural fluidity?”

And this is the beginning of the genuine spiritual effort where we learn to use our will to “quiet our mind”, and as a result.. relax our Awareness, bringing it to this natural state of fluidity. And this very effort is how the internal Fire begins to be created.

So, similar to thermodynamics, in this reality here there are two main forces at play. These forces have been called good and evil, but that’s actually not accurate. What they are .. is the force of contraction/coldness/ice, represented by the Dark Sun. And the force of relaxation/heat/fire, represented by the True Sun.

Two main Spirits, two different wills. One that acts like an icing agent, one that acts like a heating agent.
The icing agent is what we call the Devil. The heating agent is what we call Spirit.

And in the middle of them we have our Human Soul, which would be symbolised by water.
Our Soul is the virgin water, the fountain of life. Awareness.
This magical, neutral substance.

So the true hell is not a place of fire, but actually a place of complete ice.
A static place where nothing happens, nothing moves. Everything is frozen.

This is why a trauma has often times been depicted as a state of frozen energy.

Both of these forces, the Devil and the Spirit, the Dark Sun and the True Sun, have power over our Soul.
But while our Spirit heats our Soul liquifying it into its true natural form, the Devil ices it into an un-natural form.

Both of these forces are needed so that we can exercise the muscle of will. Together they create the necessary environment, so that we learn how to chose. How to generate the will power enough to overcome the innate tendency of corruption, distortion and un-naturality inherent in this very body-mind-soul system we inhabit.

If left on its own device, this body-mind-soul system will naturally tend to create trauma and pain for itself and others. Because.. this body-mind-soul system here is a creation of the Devil, of the Dark Sun. And thus, this body-mind-soul system that we use, constantly works at keeping our Awareness frozen in some un-natural patterns. And I can tell you the ability of this body-mind-soul to create problems is endless. This is why we can spend an eternity, and I bet many have, trying to “solve the problems of this world” or their own problems, with no avail.

What these people don’t realise is that.. these problems are not created to be solved. Actually each solution leads to the creation of another problem, it’s an on-going, never-ending cycle. These problems are meant to be transcended, by the power of spiritual will.

By exercising our will muscle and our spiritual force, basically igniting the Cosmic Fire within us, finally.. the ice our Awareness is under starts melting and our being returns to its true, natural form. Which is the purpose of the entire “exercise”.

In Carlos Castaneda’s works, Don Juan (the mexican shaman which initiates Castaneda into the secrets of this existence) says that the predator that invaded this world, managed to conquer this entire world by using one of the most intelligent and cunning tricks: by giving us its mind. And that inside each of us there is the mind of this predator, which sabotages us from within ourselves.

This is only partly true. In fact we not only inhabit the mind of the Devil, but also a Soul and a Body which pertain to the same freezing force. The entire body-mind-soul system is a creation of the Devil, that we take on for the duration of this “spiritual exercise” (working to develop our will muscle), similar to how you would put on a dedicated costume when you go to the gym.

This entire body-mind-soul that we inhabit here is designed to be problematic, to always create problems for itself and others. So we are able to exercise our spiritual will, learning how to self combust and generate our own heat. Basically: by learning how to choose Spirit we become Spirit.

And as much as Spirit is absent from one’s life, there is no internal Fire that burns within that being, and so the Awareness of that being (the Soul of that being) lives in a perpetual state of freezing.

This is what fear is, btw. It’s just the state of our Soul being frozen.

It is only when Spirit becomes ignited in a being, that our Cosmic Water (our Soul) starts being kindled by our Cosmic Fire (our Spirit), the ice starts melting, “water brakes”, and voila.. we are birthed as Spirits, once again free in our natural state.

This is one of the most profound and sensible aspects that I find about this existence here.
It’s the birth/transmutation of a Soul into a Spirit, by the exercise of spiritual will and ignition of spiritual fire.
(And this very aspect makes the subject for my concept of the Cosmic Birth.)

By default – in this reality – if we do nothing, our Soul’s Awareness is automatically iced in an un-natural form, by the dark force that governs this reality and the minds connected to it. This is why our Soul is in a constant state of torture, in this reality here. She is shaped in an un-natural form. An image of this would be to imagine a human being having its hands or legs contorted badly. It is painful to be shaped in a form which is not your natural one.

And if we wouldn’t have a Spirit, which holds the vision of our true natural form, then we wouldn’t feel any pain. We could be distorted and contorted, but we wouldn’t even know it. This is why pain is a sign that there is a Spirit within us, there is a true form that we are destined to achieve, but also.. pain is a sign that.. we are currently not in that true form, and there is spiritual effort to be put in, by means of spiritual will.

If used correctly pain can show us where there is a frozen energy within us and by correctly applying spiritual fire to it, we can de-freeze that energy, bringing it back to its natural, flowing state. This is how, gradually, by learning how to apply this process, our Soul heats up more and more, de-freezing more and more, returning to its true, natural form.

The first thing to learn here is how to connect with our Spirit (Cosmic Fire) so that our Soul (Cosmic Water) can gradually be liquified back into its free flowing, natural state. And once we have our Awareness in that liquid, natural state, I believe it is possible to freely exit and enter creation, at will.

That’s when we know we have fully achieved our natural, true form once again. The scope of the exercise is completed. We have developed our will muscle, now being able to both contract and relax this magical substance that we are made of, solidifying and liquifying reality at will.

Until that point, any reality that we might find ourselves in (in this “life”, another “life”, a “dimension” or another “dimension”, etc) that comes only with partial knowledge of ourselves or partial power over our being, if we still wonder or make “mistakes”, this is how we can know that that reality is still a construct pertaining to the same dark force that still controls our Soul/Awareness, in a degree or another. Internal Fire and Spiritual Will needs to continue to be applied, until full recognition and direct embodiment of Self is achieved.

And btw, this “spiritual exercise” (developing our will muscle) has been designed to be succeeded. So in a way or another, life is going to push us to make the necessary changes, adopt the necessary practices, do what it takes, so that this true spiritual muscle is developed.

Life always wins at life🙂
And our true form is destined to be achieved.

That liquid state of awareness is the absolute zero state of our being.
The Alpha and Omega, the Nothing and Everything.
A portal through which we can travel between all dimensions of reality and a door to the world outside of creation altogether.

This is the portal of the Heart.

In thermodynamics this absolute zero state would equate for the zero degree Celsius, or 32 degree Fahrenheit.
This is the true meaning behind the 33 degree (the highest degree) in freemasonry, btw.
Ice turning into water, awareness turning from solid to liquid.
Us escaping hell, basically.

(And Chiron Last brilliantly portrayed this.)

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