Feeling means healing

This short text was written as a comment on a youtube post.

Yes! Pain has to be felt, it’s the only way to truly heal it!

This has been one of the greatest and most cunning deceptions of the current spiritual movement: trying to make us think that to be spiritual means to be positive. Everything that was painful was once again shoved under the rug, and thus.. it continued to lurk at us from the shadows.

Only when integrally felt, pain is naturalised/normalised, and is truly and forever healed. Only by learning how to feel can we ever have a chance at truly “escaping this game”. Because this “game”.. is a “game of psychopaths”, a game of dead souls who cannot feel (their mind is disconnected from their soul!). And the mind that has been running this “game” has tried its best (and it’s trying its best every day) to make us as psychopathic, un-willing and un-able to feel as it is.

The way out is the way through. And the way out of the pain.. is through feeling it completely. This is why.. in the last scene of Matrix 1, Neo finally stops running from Smith (pain).. and actually starts running towards Smith. It enters into Smith .. and in that moment.. light starts coming out of Smith and it gets disintegrated completely.

DN, Feb 22, 2024

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