It’s time to burn!

(The video might take 20-30 second to load, depending on the internet speed.)

Burn yourself in the Fire of Truth,
So all that is gray, unseen and unruth
Is cleansed by the flames
In this act of Love,

So that all the below
Becomes the above.

Unclothe yourself
From notions of mind.
Leave all of these garments
To a world of the blind.

Offer them instead
To this pyre of Truth,
So as they may burn
Your Soul starts to soothe.

Stand naked before Her
Light like the air,
So that this Fire may burn you
Without the smoke of despair.

Thus you be birthed,
Made completely anew,
So all the forgotten
Becometh what you knew.

May only the ashes remain
As stories to tell.
About the time when you took
A right of passage, in hell.

It’s time to burn!

DN, Feb 25, 2024

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