(Insights on the Apr 8th eclipse) Resurrection of a Feminine Power

My brain fired up some connections today, related to the upcoming April 8th solar eclipse.

Usually I tend to stay away from discussing the major world events, but in this case.. some potentially valuable insights arouse and I decided to share them.

(05.04.2024 – Today I also published a video presenting the same concepts from this article, but in a video form. The video can be found at the end of the article.)

I don’t know how many who read this article, at this moment, know this.. but this upcoming eclipse on Apr 8th has been driving some major attention around it. Different groups of christian faith, for example, considering it as the sign of the second coming and the beginning of the 7 years of tribulation, with perhaps hundreds of youtube videos published on this subject. There are some interesting celestial “coincidences” and symbols in the sky, undoubtedly, but what I’ve learned is that whenever there is great attention given publicly to something, what we should do.. is to almost look into the other direction, at what is not being said. What is left unspoken, unseen.

Yesterday I’ve listened to a video by Howdie Mickoski (Spiritual Warfare, Apep, Eclipse) in which the author was describing some weird events happening on the same day of the eclipse.

For example, strangely or not.. CERN has announced it is going to fire up its LHC, smashing protons together, right at the moment of the eclipse. (Source)

NASA has announced it is doing its own “studies”: firing up 3 sounding rockets directly into the Moon’s shadow, at the exact time of 3:33pm, right near the very ending of the eclipse. (Source)

Another peculiar detail is that some counties and states in the US have declared state of emergency for the upcoming eclipse. (Source, Source)

Usually, when I hear any type of exterior information, even if the source of that information is one that I hold in high esteem, I still keep my mind free from immediately believing in it.. and I always feel to check within myself and see what my internal self tells me about that particular event or information. So even though Howdie Mickoski’s observations felt really pertinent and quite on the spot, I still felt like.. “Let me go internally and see what my internal self feels about this upcoming eclipse.”

In this video, Howdie Mickoski was also saying that, in his view, nothing major will happen on the physical level, on the day of the eclipse, but something is going to definitely change on the energetic level. And the results of this energetic change will begin to become visible, in the physical world, only in the following months. I actually felt this is true, I myself.. didn’t sensed any major thing would happen in the physical world, although the NASA and CERN activity and the state of emergency declared by some US counties felt to raise an eyebrow, still.. my internal feeling told me nothing major will occur, on the physical plane.

Howdie Mickoski was also describing how.. he believes that what will happen on the moment of the eclipse is that either an energetic portal will open, or some portal will close. I felt “yeah.. usually eclipses do feel like being about portals opening”, that felt true.

But then I went deeper in myself and continued to investigate “What is this eclipse actually about?”

And the poignant feeling I felt was “regency.” A change in regency.

It felt like.. this eclipse on Apr 08, 2024 might mark a certain change in the invisible forces that govern the Earth. Like changing shifts on a job, when one employer finishes and the next one comes to replace it. This is how it felt.

And then I felt.. wow, it’s going to be about a change in the invisible/occult forces which are governing the Earth. It felt clear that this is the case. But then I started wondering “is this new force that is taking governance of the Earth even more dark and controlling than the previous one?” And here is when my internal sense conducted me through some internal images and memories, uniting bits and pieces of information from different moments in my life, apparently with no connection between them.. aligning together to form a concept/picture in my mind. And then it clicked. All of the sudden.. I saw the concept, the idea.

I remembered how since June 2019 I felt that an un-mistakable change has just occurred in our reality on Earth. I felt it at the energy level. It felt like an ending. I even wrote a post on my facebook account, in that day of June, titled “The world has just ended”. Then in Dec 2019 I remember feeling the imminence of this ending even closer. I remember looking at the people around me.. how most of them were preparing things for Christmas, in the usual fashion. Nothing seemed changed in the physical world outside, everything was still looking “normal”. But for me, internally, it felt like the titanic was sinking.. while the band was still playing. This is how it felt when I would look at the people around me going about their usual holiday stuff.

Then in beginning of March 2020, I had a powerful internal experience which made it clear to me that.. this is it, things are going to start changing on Earth. And then.. one week later the so called global “pandemic” started, changing dramatically our usual way of living.

Paradoxically, with this situation of the “global pandemic” I felt internally calm. I felt Earth is actually moving towards something more natural and sane, even though it might not appear so at first.

And this feeling just continued for me. Whenever I would check internally.. I would feel this feeling that we are moving towards the natural version of this reality, a natural reality in which everything is in permanent sync and communion with everything else: humans, plants, animals, the sky, the elements, the cosmos, our body. Everything starts being more and more coherent and integrative, more sane, more aligned.

I know that in the physical reality everything seems, currently, in reverse: things are becoming more and more deteriorated and insane by the day. More control, more oppression, less freedom of speech (was there ever truly one?), less creativity, less health, etc. What we are currently seeing, at a global scale, is a decline on almost all levels of our life. But internally.. this feeling remained: we are moving towards something more natural, even though it might not appear so at first.

So now.. related to the Apr 8th eclipse, when I contemplated internally on what type of force is taking regency of the Earth, if its going to be a darker and more controlling force than the previous one, I still felt the same feeling: we are moving towards naturality, coherence, truth and sanity.

And then my brain continued to click, uniting some more details, some more pieces of information that came to my awareness recently, in the past month or so.

First.. I remembered hearing Jennifer Green mentioning in her video (‘Georgia Guidestones ten commandments series segment 4 part 1‘) that the future of humanity is going to have a matriarchal system, and we are moving from patriarchy to matriarchy.

Then.. I remembered a video by Susquehanna Alchemy (The Eclipse, Flight 255 and Baby Jessica), in which the author was presenting how both the Apr 8th, 2024 eclipse and the last major eclipse of Aug 21, 2017 intersect over this special area in Illinois, US, called “Cahokia Mounds” – an ancient pre-columbian site.

And in this video the author was presenting some inter-connected historical events correlated with this nexus area of Cahokia Mounds, and peculiarly.. all these historical events depicted the theme of a child girl either escaping death or being birthed.

Cecelia Cichan, a 4 year old girl which was the single survivor of the second deadliest aviation crash in US, at the time of 1987. The first english child to be birthed in the new world, in 1587, a baby girl.. named Virginia Dare, which became a folkloric figure inspiring many stories and even movies. And baby Jessica .. 18months child girl who fell into a well, and got rescued after 56hours, becoming a national hero of sorts, at the time of 1987.

(Btw.. I recommend viewing the aforementioned video because the way the connections are made is quite interesting to see.)

So the overall theme here seemed to be about the resurrection of a feminine being, connected to this sacred Cahokia Mounds site, connected to Apr 8th eclipse.

My mind then continued to fire up and I remembered another detail about this eclipse on Apr 8th, specifically that.. on the same exact moment of the eclipse, it is said that all 7 planets of the solar system (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Jupiter) are going to be visible in the sky (which apparently is a rare event) and they are going to form almost a straight line, with the Sun and Moon between them (Source).

This just felt mind boggling, since just yesterday I read a comment posted by Armunn Righ under one of my videos (the one with ‘Creating the Inner Sun‘) where he wrote about the story of Snow White and the seven dwarfs which are symbolic for the seven planets!

7 dwarfs, 7 planets.. aligning in the sky.. The Sun and Moon between them and my brain went: wow, this eclipse might be about a feminine power taking stewardship of the Earth from now on.

(Later today I also felt that.. this moment might actually mark the re-union of the original couple, the Primordial Masculine and the Primordial Feminine, the rightful Kind and Queen of this world. If this would be so, this would have huge energetic implications for all of us, as their archetypal union will soon be reflected in our individual psyches as well.)

DN Apr 01, 2024


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