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For those unfamiliar with his work, Chiron Last is an anonymous author that – between the years of 2013 and 2023 – published a series of videos uncovering some of the deeper, unseen truths about our reality.

His unique material was drawing attention mostly on the unnaturality of our current human condition, the ongoing destruction of life on Earth and the destiny of our human Soul. While also making a call towards individual responsibility, through the practice of neutrality and self awareness.

His official youtube channel was deleted on Sept 11, 2023. All the video material has been re-uploaded by another individual who saved his work, and currently all the videos are available on a secondary channel titled ‘Chiron Last Backup.’

Kudos to the dedicated individual who saved and re-uploaded this one of a kind work!

(The views presented in this video pertain to the author of this video and there are zero claims made of the author having a connection with Chiron Last, nor is it claimed that the views presented here reflect the views Chiron presented on his channel.

The following video is my own tribute to a voice which, to this day, represents perhaps the purest voice I’ve ever encountered on matters of the Spirit and our present human condition.)

She is our Water, let us drink.
And with each sip, let us Remember.

Chapter 1.

I think it might be a certain characteristic of this life, to woven the most significant stories from the tears and sweats of our darkest of moments.

It was back in 2017, after some deeply challenging years, that I found myself almost completely lost from my self and the purpose of my life. I felt then an unexplainable sense of urgency. Something in me telling me that there is little time left.. and if I don’t do something, I might not be able to recover from the state that I was in, and something important will be missed.

It was actually the intense pain brought by those challenging years, that acted as a catalyst for the journey that followed. A journey that would later become known to me as the path back to my True Self, naturality and Life.

I decided to isolate myself from the world, and with the little resources available I managed to get an old house on a hill in Romania. I started living there, by myself, devoting my time primarily to inner study and self observation. I started going within myself, as deep as I could, investigate, observe and be with myself.. until I would be able – or not – to find the truth of my very existence.

Somewhere at the beginning of this journey, I found Chiron Last’s youtube channel.

“The Golden Web” video popped out one day on my youtube recommendation list. Here was an unprecedented material, uncovering some of the truer aspects of our existence hidden in the very languages and words we commonly use. I felt almost staggered, not only by the sheer brilliance of the concepts presented, but also by the intelligence that was able to put such material together. Truly a one of a kind work.

Through the years Chiron Last’s material remained, for me, as one of the few sources of deep and trusted knowledge, that acted like a companion and a fountain of sanity, for me, on this journey.

When I’ve found the video on Neutrality, I was already deep down into this practice, and again.. I could hardly believe the shear brilliance I found in that video, both in the information presented and in the lyricism of the exposition.

I consider – to this day – this video to be one of the most outstanding materials ever done on this subject.

I wondered, though, how many people truly got the depths of Chiron’s work. As to recognise the brilliance in some of these materials implied for one to have travelled some depths and lengths within oneself, penetrating layers which usually remain closed for our mundane human mind.

One can truly recognise the brilliance of a master, only when one takes up the journey of apprentice.

Only then, when one is faced with all the intricacies and depths of a specific art, can one truly begin comprehending the genius of a master at that art.

Chapter 2.

It has been asked by many, how legitimate Chiron Last’s message or its persona was.

How true the information presented, how genuine and valid its intentions?

Many finding its later messages and information somewhat contradictory and controversial.

And while I struggled with this dilemma myself, I think now my Soul found its resolution.

The answer was already there, somewhere deep within me.

All I needed was time and courage, to go within myself, and find out what was already obvious.

Chapter 3.

I think many of us live our lives conducted by forces that remain almost forever out of our control.

We usually believe we are the ones in charge of our life.

We believe we are the ones that think, that feel, that have inspirations, dreams and visions. We believe we are the ones that act and take decisions. While.. is this really so?

Who really knows why a certain thought just popped into our head, and now that thought appears so real, valid, genuine and compulsive?

Do we create our own thoughts, or are we just benign witnesses of them taking place within us?

My last 7 years of deep self observation lead me to the evidence that.. my life is not my own.

Much of what I considered myself to be was a conundrum of bodily sensations, thoughts, emotions, desires, preferences, ideologies and visions.. that none of them were directly fabricated by me. They were just taking place within me, similar to weather phenomenas taking place on the sky.

All our entire life seems more like a theatre play, a cosmic show, orchestrated by forces that usually remain outside of our control.

And so.. in this cosmic theatre of Life, everything appears and disappears like a hypnotic dance of shadows on a wall.

All our bodily sensations, our thoughts, imaginations, dreams, visions, desires, preferences and ideologies.. all appear and disappear, like being casted by an unknown fire on the wall of our existence.

Many of us look at these shadows and become fully captivated by them. Many of us believe ourselves to be one of these dancing shadows!

Others, the one’s that through personal effort have gained a deeper level of self awareness, found the shadows to be mere illusions and now, perhaps, they only stare bluntly at the wall.

But I am asking myself this:

If we are already here, in this cosmic theatre of Life, could there be a higher purpose or reason for this?

Some form of legitimacy, some key, something to discover or understand, out of all this phantasmic existence?

Maybe, I am just saying, maybe.. even though the shadows are just shadows, there might be a meaning to the story they are trying to depict.

And what do we do when, all of the sudden, our heart starts pumping up at the hearing of some glimmering words, or at the sight of some image, and in that moment.. our entire being starts vibrating with an indescribable force? Should we ignore that sudden force? Should we pass it by as some other emotion?

Or should we, perhaps, giving it our attention?

Look closely into it and allow it to guide us?

If everything is already illusion, and all is nothing but a mere dance of shadows on a wall, why not pursue the illusions that are unexplainably pumping our heart with blood and trembling us to our very core? How sure are we that.. it isn’t this very type of choice the actual reason for our entire existence?

Chapter 4.

Instead of disputing if Chiron’s message was true or false, or if his intentions were right or wrong, let us look deeper within ourselves and see how its very message made so many of our hearts pump back with life, with drive, with passion and with meaning. Even the one’s that disputed and refuted its message, they were doing so with an unprecedented passion and drive.

When has this world ever offered such chances?

Such encounters only happen sparingly, in some brilliant work of some music composer, in some piece of art that we can never forget, in some epic sunset or some unforgettable moment with a loved one. But such moments are rare, and this is how I see Chiron’s work. A rare piece of art – an art for the Heart.

That was given to us to make us care once again.

To bring back the ability to feel and sense to our long desensitised hearts.

To stand again for something… anything!

To make us wonder, to make us cry, to make us shout at him or, perhaps, hate him. But in any case.. to make us feel some damn thing!

To resuscitate our Heart!


Chapter 5.

At the end of this life, we might contemplate upon our life. Some of us might see this tiny flame or spark that has always burned within us, but we might also see how we were too afraid to give it breath. Constantly falling pray to doubt, to contradiction, to hopelessness and hesitation. Instead, leaning back towards the same trodden paths of fear and conformity. Watching movies, drinking beer, discussing the latest political debates, and only sometimes looking at the stars and feeling the rush of blood pumping to a life un-lived.

But, at the same time.. we might find ourselves at the end of the same life, looking back and saying: it was worth it! I’ve believed, I’ve gone with the courage of a madman and pursued what beat the loudest in my heart. It was crazy, it was unimaginable, it was dangerous and beautiful .. I felt lost, I found myself, and if for nothing else.. I’ve felt alive! I have seen things few have ever seen, both crawling through the depths of hell and riding through the skies of heaven. I was there with all my being, travelling a mystical path that only few have ever charted. I met with others on this journey, we’ve joined hands in a kinship of Love.

I existed, I lived, I loved.

I gave my all.

Isn’t such a life much more worthy of living than a dull one filled with fear, skepticism or doubt?

Chapter 6.     

Sometimes we must give all that we are to a cause which is greater than ourselves. Giving ourselves entirely to that cause, with full passion, life and breath. And the fruits of such choice might only begin to ripen, long after we have planted and watered its seeds with our full commitment and dedication.

Why not then accept a call for adventure, a call towards a magical life filled with purpose and with meaning, when the opportunity is so rarely given?

This is how Chiron Last’s message felt to me.

It was a call to a Life that our hearts know it’s possible.

A Life full of courage, of freedom and of meaning!

And I think we should all find such passion in our life. If not in Chiron Last’s message, then in anything else that comes in our life and is able to ignite it!

But a call is only as good as the answer given to it.

A letter only remains a paper, unless we decide to open it and read it.

A road only remains a potential destination, until we decide to walk on it and see where it leads.

Chiron’s message has been a call to a one of a kind type of journey.

It is up to us now to walk that path and see where it leads.

So.. are we going to respond to it?

Are we going to allow the Fire in our Hearts to guide us?

Are we going to say Yes, when Life starts knocking at our door?

My choice has already been made.

Chapter 7.

And in the end.. let it be this Fire, and nothing and no one else, that acts as the judge for our life well lived.

It’s time to burn!


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