Our current world situation

Many people don’t want to look at what is currently happening with our world. And I understand why. They’ve lived a life already sprinkled with much fear and pain, and now – at the peak of the so called human civilisation – when one thought it could finally relax a bit, and enjoy its life, climate catastrophes start happening.

But here’s my thought on this. We know reality is actually an act of magic. As crazy as this might sound, we know that something magical is creating our reality, the way we see it and know it. By the simple fact that.. after 300 years of empiricism and over 14.000 years of intelligent human culture, humanity has almost zero clues of what exactly is creating our reality.

And so, if no one actually figured out what exactly is creating our reality, then we can easily deduce that something magical or mysterious is happening. So, if something magical is happening.. then magic usually has zero boundaries.

Like a fabric .. reality can be morphed and bended into anything.
The disastrous reality that we see currently can be changed.
But.. we can’t begin to change something which we don’t first acknowledge and understand.

We need to make the courage to open our eyes first, look at the world in the terrible condition it finds itself right now.
Look closely, look at it with wide open eyes.
Take in all the pain, the suffering, the fear that emerges with that vista.

Only once we allow ourselves to fully see the current condition we are in, we can begin to harness the force enough to change it.

So here’s two videos that speak more clearly and seriously about the current prospects our world is in.
Believe in them? I say: No.
Take them into consideration and discern them for yourself? I say: Yes.

Only with our eyes open to our mistakes, can we begin to learn from them and start creating something new.

Dec 27, 2023

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