Comment on the dark technology

This short text was written as a comment on this youtube video.

The idea that few people understand is that this entire cosmos is mental. Everything is mind, sort to speak.
And.. usually.. we would have used our (true) mind to shape, morph and move this mental substance, causing things to exist or cease to exist. Simply saying: in a natural existence we are the tool that we use, to create and un-create anything.

But, what this un-natural reality here sells is a plethora of outside tools.
From the simple hammer or a wheel, to advanced technology like computers and bio engineering.

What these outer tools are.. are methods of giving our power away in exchange for an experience created by a force outside of ourselves.

This would have been all fine and well actually, if these outer tools and technologies wouldn’t have robbed us of our natural intelligence and sovereign power, making us ignorant and asleep.

As you said.. we would have grown organically towards being able to do what all these technologies seemingly “helped” us do: we would have developed natural telepathy instead of cell phones, natural bio-location instead of sharing videous, and so many .. so many other abilities.

The thing with this technology is that it is a dark version of technology that instead of offering freedom and sovereignty it brings control and entrapment of the human Spirit!

Jan 01, 2023

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