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I have delayed writing this article because of some of these methods being considered a bit controversial, but as time is definitely running out I am putting this out here, because it is outmost important for any being going through the recovery process to have a clean and clear body. The chemistry of the body is the chemistry of the mind, literally, so the first step of the recovering process is to clear your body as much as possible. The following methods are all tried and tested by me with good to great results, but I encourage anyone to make his own research prior to using any of these. Also please check with your inner “light bulb” and see which one “sparks” – you need to follow your own intuition and instinct here.

So here we go, methods for clearing the body of parasites, bacterias, and other viruses:

1. B o ra x
I will start straight forward with a controversial one, but one that helped me the most in the physical part of my recovery. B or a x (Sodium Borate) is the salt of the Bor element, similar to Sodium Bicarbonate. Bo ra x used to be available as a detergent until people started using it internally for its cleansing properties, the moment when it was removed from the mass market, especially in Europe. You can still find it being sold – in drug stores that have laboratories, but they will ask you what you use it for.
B o r a xx is especially effective agains any type of harmful bacteria, parasite or mushroom, successfully healing a fungi of the foot I had – and people still use it externally for treating yeast or fungi infections, and it is accepted for external use, so you can say you are buying it for that. Or for making the new hype toy for kids: slime. Yeah, they use it to make this gelly, rubbery moulding clay to play with. You can ask it for this, as pharmacists are bombarded with requirements from parents who take borax for their kids to make slime, and they are accustomed with it.
One other way to get it is to buy it online. Links here:





Internally it is consumed in small quantities, daily in the morning, for 14-30 days, just as little as you can pinch in 2 fingers or more – depending on the gravity of your condition. Again, make your research. They are plenty youtube videos right now speaking openly about this, sharing testimonials and information.

One such channel is this one:

Be sure to inform yourself and make your research. As I said this is one of the top methods that helped me, and it was recommended to me by IntenseLight reader – which I thank so much for this.

2. Petroleum (Kerosene)
Continuing with the controversial ones this one was a highly effective method for anti fungi, anti bacterial, cleansing and restoring the body’s health used in eastern europe throught the last century. Also in the second world war this was the single method they would go to, when all other methods would fail, to save the soldiers from hard diseases, mostly cancer. I have tried this internally, one spoon in the morning for 7 day, once a year – with good results. The downside is that finding quality kerosene these days is quite hard, but if you happen to know someone who has some left from 10-20 years ago you need just very little for a cure. As with the first one this one is good externally and internally ! Make your own research, here I am offering you some links from a german thread dedicated for this topic, with countless healing testimonials, tips and more (please be sure to also save this information on your computer, as many links I had at the beggining of this year – are erased and non-exiting at this moment):



Safe source where you can still buy pure petroleum, the same petroleum mentioned in the thread above (it is sold in Germany):ย https://www.sorglosversand.de/Sonstiges/Oleum-Petrae-album-rectif-250ml-gereinigtes-Petroleum-G179::95.html


3. Fasting
Fasting – for me – was one of the methods that cleansed my body and my mind the most. I learned, observed and understood so much about myself and the truth of our condition here while fasting and my body, but especially my mind, rejuvenated deeply. You will come to see that fasting will probably be your most un preferred of these methods, because the mind would better prefer to add than to extract, to further consume rather than stop the consumption. You will better get to know the underlying struggle, the emotional hunger we all cary, you will be the closest to the pureness of life in those moments of fasting. I first fastedย  for 3 days, that was monumental. My body and my mind were incredibly different after this. Lots of added clarity, understanding, lots of physical bad habits removed by default. Then I fasted 2 days a week, for several months, continuing to improve my mind – but being already skinny, and not yet knowing about how to add energy to the body from within myself, i lost weight and looked phantomy for a while ๐Ÿ™‚ Then I just fasted for 1-3-7 days, when I would feel the most depressed or in need of a physical cleansing. There is a lot of info already on the benefits of fasting, and I can attest to these. As always do your own research, listen to your body and your intuition. For any extreme cases or illnesses I would definitely first recommend a 7 days fast – prior to taking any other remedy! I know a person who has healed its ovary problems, just before having surgical operation, by sitting alone for 7 days, fasting and meditating. Fasting gives a pause to the body, allowing it to catch a brake, breathe and restore itself. The body always restores itself to perfect balance when we allow it to have a break. I am currently only eating once per day, and the food intake is even so more than enough. There is so much more on this topic, but I am stopping here.

4. Colloidal silver – inhalation
Colloidal silver is again highly anti-bacterial, but is highly effective when inhaled rather than drinked. When inhaled it passes through the cell membrane walls being able to reach the most naughty forms of viruses and parasites – the tinies of them, that hide inside the cell itself. You need good quality coloidal silver, you can buy it or get a device and produce it yourself, and a medicinal nebuliser. This is the one I was using, but you can use any nebuliser that you can find:


Basically you put 10-20ml of coloidal silver in the nebuliser and you deeply inhale that for 10-15 minutes. It is quite helpful to also put some drops of coloidal silver in the eyes, as you would do with eye solutions, as it is quite effective for bacterias and parasites living in the eyes, clearing your vision. If you have a good source or if you produce it yourself and have a stable quantity, it is advisable to also drink a small glass per day, in a cure of 30 days. You can also use C.S for mouth washing or in any other cases where anti fungal, anti bacterial properties are needed.

5. The super mario Mushroom

– I refrain from putting the name, but you know it. This is the single substance that has helped me the most, physically and emotionally/spiritually. This is something I recommend to be used only in deep cases of trauma or severe cases of physical health. You need to make your own research, and also keep in mind that this is completely other game, this substance is an alive matrix of knowledge and should be treated as such. I’ve seen many to have tried it, out of fun or curiosity, but to come back saying that it doesn’t do anything – because they were expecting to meet god, or aliens, and didn’t. Yes, because what it does it does only for the one who needs it! With this one is simple: either you need it and you instantly know it, or you don’t and it’s better to leave it aside. There is few documentation on the subject, and I encourage anyone to study for itself and find those scarce resources by himself – by studying and researching you make sure you build an inner relation to this mushroom, and this is what you need – you need to form a relation, a communication. I am sharing here the blog of one person who highly benefitted from the properties of this mushroom, and made a dedicated blog to help others as well (same, we don’t know for how much time this info is still available so better for you to copy it and store it):



7. Staying aware of yourself in the present moment – being as present as possible : pure self awareness
This is – along with number 6 – one of the tools that have helped me the most, not only physical but with everything! Mental, emotional, remembering the truth, and recovering my real self.. actually. I would argue even that you only need this tool and a soul – ๐Ÿ™‚ – and you can heal everything yourself: your body, your mind, all the structure you are in, and so on. If I would have had proper information about this when I was in deep dark s#@& things would have been way way easier.

When you let go of everything you think, feel and most important: want, and you just listen and observe the environment – inside and outside of you – in that space.. the life within – which let’s call it the soul – has room to flow and flood your entire structure once again. Life is like a stream of water. You have inside yourself right now this endless stream of pure water. But as you are focused in the mental or emotional struggle then this water flows there. Life is always flowing where you are focused on. Life is following you! Your choice. So for example, if you are nervous and just go around babbling in your head, about how you would resolve a certain situation that made you nervous, and you continue for hours to focus on that mental chatter, those endless mental stories, life is energising those stories, that fury, those emotions, life is actually energising your decision to experience stress. Because you choose it, you are focused on stress and life always trusts you and energises what you are focused upon. This is why letting go of everything, un-focusing from everything, just breathing and just being, without wanting things to be one way or another, basically: just the most pure form of listening, just observing, then life pours and fills that empty space, meaning: you. Your whole structure, your mind, your body automatically get filled with life, you feel it immediately. The body functions calm down, get restored, re-balanced. I only use this method now, and I highly recommend healing your body with life from within yourself, the fastest and most effective way of healing.

8. Instinctive movement
Following number 7, instinctive movement means applying the listening and observing tool to quiet your mind and just listen to the body’s needs – in terms of movement. I have said it before: the body’s real food are not foods, but movements. Movements are what the body craves for! The body needs movement, just like air ! And not any kind of movement, but rather some specific ones that it is in need for in this moment. Today, for example, your shoulders might need to be stretched, to be pulled, tomorrow maybe the feet need jumping, or stretching. And these are just examples. It doesn’t have to be one body limb per day, its about you being together with your body, with a quiet mind and just finally let your body express itself, let it move the way it wants and needs and just be there, observing and sustaining it to do this. Learn to be there for your body, by making room for it to express. I would definitely say that if you get the hold of no. 7 and no. 8, you have everything you need for a balanced body and mind, without needing anything else.

9. Helicrysum oil (Imortelle Oil)

This oil is extracted from the Helicrysum Italicum plant. Although I have used it because I had the pure quality oil at hand, I did not researched quite vast into it nor I can further attest to deeply observing its qualities. But, I am putting it on the list because a person I know with a degenerative nervous disease managed to heal herself, after countless medications that almost killed her, using this oil. So please research further. I have gotten mine from this bulgarian company, that produces pure essential oils:


But you can also source it online, just be sure to get a good quality oil, that needs to be at least $25 per 5ml. (most of them are around $100-$130 per 5ml)

10. Food and connecting with your body

Of course one of the most important aspect of healing the body is starting to heal the way you eat and the way you relate to the food intake. Food, I can say for sure, it’s the staple of our condition as a human being, and much more. Food relates to this entire labyrinth we are in, it is the base language all things share in common. You must understand that what you really are is something above this creation, above matter, or should I say… beyond, below it ? ๐Ÿ™‚ You need to be able to master your food cravings, to observe your food habits and to be able to only eat that which the body signals you need in that respective day. This is why when waking up in the morning you need to have a routine of listening and connecting to your body. You need to have some time with your body, just to fully integrate yourself here, and bring as much of you as you possibly can into this experience. You have to be here, in this body. Your awareness must be entirely here. You must bring yourself from the “clouds” down here into this body, into this experience, in order to have the minimum chance of starting to operate this game. In the morning you need to bring yourself into your body, you need to stay with it, listen to it, let it move (as described in No. 8). Also you need to sense what food does he craves for and needs today. Try to only eat what the body indicates. You will be surprised of what simple or unusual pleasures it has. Some stuff you wouldn’t have considered to eat out of your mental habits, but when you get to eat them you recognise the fullness of how good those foods really feel, fulfilling the body and yourself.

Listen to your body. Your body is the closest, truest friend you have along in this experience. You can trust it to always be on your side. Take care of your body, get profoundly intimate with his needs, his voice, his movement, his tune. You need to learn how to play this instrument you have been given. (!) And learn to develop a true connection with the food you are consuming. Learn to see what food really is. Remember this: if you understand what food and consumption is you have mastered this game.


Other methods I have learned to be effective but haven’t yet tried:

– Dragon’s blood
This was recommended to me by IntenseLight, a being with vast information and knowledge, so I trust this to be good, but haven’t tried it nor I am compelled to do so at this time. Please make your own research, this substance is highly antioxidant and anti-microbial – being used as a panacea for almost any body related problem, and from what I saw online highly effective for stomach problems (ulcers!). It can only be ordered online as it is actually the sap of a tree (Croton Lechleri), that grows in Peru, Canary Islands and other parts of the world. So you can order it online on Amazon, here:




I am also interested to know if any reader has discovered and tested any other method, so I am inviting you to share. Any information or method that has helped you could be valuable for others, and I am opened to add it here to the list.

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