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One of the most genius techniques this world has employed so that real beings are completely not aware of their true nature and powers.

Let’s start with this: ALL REAL BEINGS HAVE SUPERPOWERS! This is 100% hard rock truth fact, far from being a metaphor ! There is a scarce number of real beings here and they all have what would be perceived as superpowers. They are not superpowers in the real reality, only here they are perceived as such. Some examples: ability to read peoples minds, ability to influence the weather, to influence people’s thinking, to make them do what you want, ability to alter realities and timelines, to produce hot or cold, etc. We all have these ! All real beings have these !!

Now… what was the most genius technique to make the being completely obliterated of its powers? Don’t mention anything about those powers, and act as if those powers are inexistent, and make sure that any behaviour that being is expressing that would lead to the use of that power is treated as madness, shamed or guilted. And one other incredibly genius technique… for when you cannot hide an obvious super power… is to disguise it in plain sight: make it seem like everyone has that trait and it’s no big deal.

Take emotions, for example. Emotions are one of the most advanced and highest power and tool we own, if used correctly. Emotions are the most precious gem that can lead an individual to the core, the atom of life, if used correctly. Emotions can alter realities, change timelines, destroy creations and even created beings, and much more. Many, many things can be done when someone knows how to use emotions. And what do we see here instead? A world where, apparently, everyone has emotions and they are nothing special, nothing unique – when, in reality, this precious tool of emotions is granted to only so very few. But knowing this, knowing real beings hold this huge power as their asset, what was the smartest thing to do to hide it? It was impossible for them to make us unaware of our emotions. It was too hard truth, we know, we feel them, impossible to hide that, because it was engraved in the very essence of us. So.. the most genius thing was to play another scenario: make it seem like everyone is having emotions and they are nothing special, no big deal, especially not a super power by all means. Make it seem like emotions are only some things that makes us uncontrollable and animalistic.
“- Oh, we all have emotions, nothing special here. And look how we use our emotions: when we feel angry we scream like this, when we feel joy we laugh like this, this is how we use emotions”. And so the real being was fooled, once again, believing what he saw everyone doing. They all so overtly express their emotions, bragging so much about it ” – Oh, I feel so hurt, I feel so angry, I feel so joyful..  look at me I have so many emotions “. This is what they’ve done, and continue to do as a perfect theatre, just to force this hypnotic trace state upon the mind of the real individual.

In this lifetime I had to remember for myself, going through really hard time actually, what emotions really are and how they are used correctly. Completely different that anything you will ever find written anywhere. Even the most advanced tips and writings only teach the art of non reacting to emotions, which is very good as a start, BUT.. this is only the tip of the iceberg. EMOTIONS are so SO SOOOO much more than learning how to not used them 🙂 It is a pity for me to see even the most advanced writings still hiding the truth, still diverting the mind of the real individual once again, by portraying emotions as something bad, inferior, animalistic, that only need to be ignored or suppressed. Well… if you give an animal a laser gun and he only uses it to chop onion with it… is it the fault of the laser gun? Is the laser gun primitive or animalistic? Nope! The mind of the animal is the one who can make the most stupid use even of the most advanced, nuclear tool. You can give a monkey a crystal that generates endless food, let’s say, but he would put it in his mouth and chew it.. because this is everything he knows how to do. This is exactly what happened here with emotions. Such precious gems, apparently in the hands of everyone, when in fact so very few really own such things and thus know how to really use them. Yes, they have simulated they also have emotions, just to fool the mind of the real individual, and so to make sure he will not use his own emotions !! What a brilliance. Again by showing him the stupid way apparently they use emotions, they’ve made sure he will never know the true way in which emotions are used. Hack… you can walk in and out of any world, teleport yourself between realities almost, even go on and off of this prison world, destroy illusions, alter realities, and more – if you remember how to use emotions, and they only cry and laugh, act abusing or loving. Makes you laugh when you start to remember and see the truth. But.. it worked. The real individual payed more attention to their story of what emotions are and how they use them, than to his own knowings engraved in his heart. The real individual listened more to what he was presented with… than to the voice within. And this is the big hypnotism that has the mind of the real individual captured as inside a plague. He believes more into their theatre, into their foulness, into their show.. than into his own heart.

And there are so many more superpowers hidden in plain sight. So many more, things that we are trained to view and think about them as no big deal, mundane, usual stuff. SO MANY MORE! Almost all mundane, unimportant things are holding nuclear secrets.

I can’t even imagine how this same world would look if a real individual was offered proper training and education when he was a small children. Help him train and remember the proper use of his super powers. Even now and it would be just as good because the soul remembers at a very fast pace when the process is started. We would have beings that would start really taking their role seriously, be the gods (they are not really gods, only for this dumbed down world they seem so) they need to be and start directing this ship… were it is supposed to go. It is expected there. (!)

The brilliance of your super powers is that you don’t need to know about them in order for you to know how to use them. This is done in an almost automatic manner, because.. they are you. You are doing stuff that alters the reality you are in, without you even knowing. This is why one of the most important asset for you to remember and use is the following: trust yourself and just be as natural as you can! Do everything that makes you, you! Do everything as you feel, start being as much yourself as possible. Give up the judgement that one thing is shameful, that the other thing is violent, is cruel…these are only tools they have employed upon your mind in order to dumb you down, making sure you will reject using your skills, when they themselves have little care for being ashamed or afraid of being cruel, for example. Start using your voice! Start expressing and acting more and more as you are ! Believe in that voice within and only act out of that. Mastering yourself is the only mastership you have come here to learn 🙂

You already have the power. You have felt it all your life, you were protected and nurtured even when you were experiencing the most deep pit hole, the most advanced hell. You know it. Something was there, protecting you, giving you strength, you have felt it. That something is always there, you have it with you, it is related to your purpose, to who you are. Start being and acting as yourself, rather than be and act as what everyone is being and acting. Their acting is only a show. Your heart is the truth.

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  1. 🙂 One good thing about taking schizophrenia medication is the raw feelings i notice when i stop taking it for a small time, like a day of two. I’m to used to these drugs that i cannot fall asleep without at least a small portion of them. The “positive” and the “negative”, as they call them, their notions of positive and negative are not perfectly aligned with the notions of “good” or “bad” we attribute to emotions. For example anger or rage they consider positive. But i can feel anger or rage while taking those, but love, nope. Feeling bad emotions sucks, but nothing teaches better than the sadness or hopelessness, when you at last rise over them and understand what they are, a feedback loop between your thoughts and your energy in the body.

    Learn how to be however you want, irrespective to external factors or your random thoughts. Build your own loop the way you want it. Use your imagination.


    The Secret of Steel: you can make it public if it’s good for everyone and balance of the whole.

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