Journal: The art of playing

I think one of the things that I miss in this current life reality I experience, is the experience of play. I miss playing! One thing I remembered even since I was a child, about what I call my home base reality, is the experience of play. Normality for me is when I feel safe, accepted, and I am given and offered the safety and open space for playing. I love to play! And when I refer to play.. I refer to the way two puppies play together. That joy, fullness, innocence, discovery and exaltation in the moment, with zero expectations, time, space, desires, thoughts or outcomes. Just pure breath and heart. And paws and wet noses :))

I miss this feeling of play more than anything. I miss it in relations. I miss it in projects. In my day to day experience.

One thing I mostly remember about relations, btw, and why I love interacting with beings – there in my home world – is for the play of it. God we have fun. God we make such a goofs out of ourselves, even if we have entire universal labs at our fingertips. God we love to joke, play, make fun, even play innocent pranks, hold jokes, be ironical or humour one another, depending on our mutual tastes 🙂

God we love to play.

Play, for me, is the expression of freedom. Of pure creative life, with zero boundaries, zero pre-shaped outcomes, zero laws or definitions, or good’s or bad’s. Just pure natural, full power expressions of life, dancing each other at life’s cosmic ballet.

Playfulness might indeed be the highest form of intelligence. And one prerequisite trait I find for continuous mental evolution.

Playing seems almost like an alien act to our current adult world. Playing is outside of competition, outside of cooperation also. Outside of good and outside of evil. Outside of chaos and outside of order. Playing is just… life giggling at itself 🙂

When we play with something or someone there is a distinctive, different connection happening. Play unites the players into a common wave sustaining both of their pure individual expressions, seamlessly and effortlessly. When we connect in this way – with an object, a plant, a person, a pet, with our own body, feelings, thoughts – we automatically are propelled outside of duality and into an unexplainable place with no rules, yet total effortless existence.

And play is easy. We can play at our work, we can play with our day to day activities, we can play by ourselves or with our friends and partners. We can just allow a portion of ourselves to be a kid once again and just play.

One way in which I practice playing is when I sit with my own body and I let my body move instinctually in whatever way it wants and needs. I make room for my body to express, to move, to play, to sit, to rest, to jump, to make funny noises, to cry, to scream, to dance, to marvel. That’s one way I discovered has a high restorative effect over my mind, body and emotions – together. I dedicated a facebook page to freely promote this “instinctive movement”, and how one can use it for its own body, mind and emotions.

The feeling of play might be one of the most restorative things I found for my mind, body and emotions.

And it takes will to allow our adult self to play 🙂 What in childhood was more of a default state, needs to be mastered now as a conscious act – that can heal, restore and revive us.

Further into this, I recently started reading TD Lingo’s – Self Transcendence Workbook – a book recommended by IntenseLight some 2 years ago. I find this book makes an actual case out of using play to activate the dormant parts of our brain, a conclusion Lingo and his team came to after studying the brain for 30 years. The book itself is Lingo’s results of his 30 years study into how to activate the sleeping portions of the brain. For anyone interested in the book, you can leave a comment and I shall share it.

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