Some observations on lies and manipulation

The real pain of experiencing deceit, lies and manipulation is not that one loses trust in the liar, but that one loses trust in its self.
Trust might just be one of the most precious substances of this world. With a healthy and strong self trust one can literally move mountains. And when we decide to trust the other person we actually decide to trust our own sense of self. So when someone puts us to view we have been deceived then automatically our sense of self trust is injured.
Faith and trust in one self might just be the core substances of creating and manoeuvring reality. So when someone deliberately decides to attack the self trust of another person, by using lies, manipulations or deceit … this action severely chips on the persons ability to manoeuvre its own reality. By using truth one restores in the people around the ability to be strong, independent and self powered. By using lies or manipulations one chips on the same exact powers of the others, making them co-dependent, fearful and weak.
Why? Because when someone lies to us, it creates a split of reality for our minds. We are now put to observe 2 realities at the same time: the one we already perceive as truth in our own self, and the one the other is presenting us as being truth. We immediately sense if these 2 realities resonate with each other, or not. We immediately know when something is off. So then we need to choose: do I lent my trust in the version of reality this person presents me with, or do I lent my trust in what I feel in myself? This is the pain lying actually creates: the pain of separation. Lying separates the liar from the people he is lying to, making them subconsciously needing to choose between him or themselves.
So next time any of us feels to use manipulation, lies or deceit.. even to ourselves, we need to ask: do I want to be in full power of myself, or do I want to continue to play the victimhood game?
Yes.. being truthful might bring pain, at first. This is because of the darkness people have lived all throughout this “human” existence. In darkness they have interacted mostly with lies and hiding, and this is what they come to know as normality almost. At first truth might seem stingy, painful.. one might get bruised, rejected, abandoned… or even attacked for holding truth. But as in the next flap of the wing.. immediately that truth heals its owner and the environment around.
With truth even though apparently abandoned, one is always embraced, cared and having extreme amount of support coming from its inner self. Using lies… one apparently is surrounded by people and support, but actually is completely alone in itself.

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  1. Foarte util si super clar explicat. Adaug o nuantare: mintea copilului de 3 ani, 6 ani, 9 ani este permeabila, impresionabila. Atunci are loc cea mai puternica incetosare a capacitatii sale de explorare a sinelui sau si a realitatii, prin influenta pe care o au adultii asupra gandirii/simtirii sale. Impactul este teribil. Unii isi revin in cativa ani, dupa ce pleaca de acasa la facultate, altora le trebuie decenii.

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