24.03.2020 – Some thoughts on darkness

Darkness had its beauty. In darkness we could pretend to be whatever we imagined. In light one can only be that which it is. It would be a joke, in light, to try to hide, to lie or to pretend…  Because in light everyone sees everything at the same time, always, permanently!

This is why in order to create darkness we ALL needed to AGREE to play pretend. Darkness can only function with the mutual agreement of all the players involved. If one player decides he is bored to play pretend, then.. puff.. the veil its lifted and he is once again seeing everything: the beings that play pretend (eg: the game).. and the beings outside the game.

Darkness is only technology, it’s only imagination, it’s only a game. True life it’s always what here would be called 100% knowledge, 100% sight, the all seeing eye.. meaning: light. But again.. the words and concepts: light and dark, can only exist in darkness. Darkness invented even the concept of light. There are zero concepts in the real reality. Things exist on and through themselves, knowledge with bricks – meaning: words – is merely a joke, knowledge is more of a knowing than an informational exchange. Everyone KNOWS everything at the same time, from their own selves. Knowledge is not something one acquires, gains or loses.. like it was silly portrayed here in this game, KNOWLEDGE is a TRUTH, an EXISTENTIAL STATE of evidence. Any being, in the real reality, knows anything about what it focuses on. Knowledge it’s like the warmth of the sun touching one’s skin. You need zero concepts to feel its warmth. This is how real knowledge is, and this is how we know everything seemingly.

Darkness – still – gave us the opportunity to create, to invent, to hide, to play AS IF things were different than they are. Darkness opened up the opportunity for imagination, for creation. I would go as far in saying that in light there is almost zero creation, in a sense. Because the is such a FULL existence already existing.. that.. creating something would only be considered a joke. Creating can happen only in darkness. Only when some parts of life are hidden, imagination can spur to fill in those missing gaps. So we deliberately invented the lack, in order to fill it. We imagined a gap.. in order to create a bridge.

Darkness might just be one of the most beautiful inventions we ever did. All in our endeavour of playing together and further creating more branches of the same living life.

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