Remarks on the physical, part 1: The physical moves the energy

The physical moves the energy. This is why the physical is important. Out there we only have energy, but the energy is pretty much defined – let’s say – or better said: anyone owns his own energy, even if that energy means: a planet, a world, a body, a universe, an entire empire of universes. Still that energy is being owned by someone and falls under his own will and operation.

What the physical brings is exactly this: the touch. The physical is a mutual co-creation, in a sense, where we get to interact ones with the others and change our own energy together. What the physical holds, different than the energetical realm, is the mutual agreement to have our energy changed by the others who we interact with. In the energetical we can also have our energy changed, but this is far more complicated in a sense – and much more predictable – because we know and decide even the last atom that is changed and how. Using the physical one can move the energy of all the others – because they all agreed to being changed and moved when they entered the game.

So now.. of course, we are in a simulation – so basically we have a simulated energy world and a simulated physical world. It’s a sort of training ground to teach and show us how the energetical worlds are being changed when you operate on the physical. Entire energetic worlds can be destroyed by a simple word in the physical.

The physical it’s still just energetic – the only thing that differs is that it’s a mutual agreement – created by a multitude of beings putting their energetic worlds together in a “soup”. It’s like playing poker in a sense. Everyone brings a bit of their own energetic worlds on the table, and they experiment together on how their energies can be changed by their interaction. This is the physical: an agreement to be changed by others in creative ways you would not have thought of.

This is why experience in the physical, friendship, family… anything we interact with basically – is such an act of making love.. because we actually do let our own energy be changed by that. It is a beautiful act of surrender and trust.. in a sense – from the energetical view point – where you cease control over a portion of yourself, and you let others change you in unpredictable ways.

In reality no one can change our energy if we do not allow it – and even when we allow it, it is not changed completely – we merealy make another version of the same energy and have it changed, while still keeping the original one.

The physical it’s similar, but much more real, much more intense – because we have so many kinds of energies all at once, interacting together. This is why the physical feels so “real” – there are so many wills put together all at once. And there is a sort of feedback loop – one can use the physical to manipulate his own energy or the energy of others, and after those energies have been changed.. the physical of course changes.

This is why one of the best kept “secrets” of this world is that one can use the physical to really change the energetic worlds. Think about it like this: one single movement in the physical can create or destroy entire universes in the energetical. This is why some beings have constructed entire empires on the energetical by keeping the physical in some static constructs. These empires in the energetical can simply be changed by one choosing to use a different word for “hello”, for example. Or choose something different here. Change the actions, change the choices… Any change in the physical is exponentially impacting the energetic, and then the energetic is done.. is changed, bye bye. Then the physical emulates the new look of the energetic.

In the end it is all a play between kids, but what we all need to remember is that the play can be soooo muuuuchhh broader, impossibly extended in un-imaginable ways then what we have been presented with so far on “planet errrrht“. It is time to remember how to move the energy and start really playing.

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  1. 🙂 vrei sa ma inveti sa schimb energia? Sau nu stii sa faci asta in realitatea asta simulata? Stii sa explici cum?

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