Remarks on the physical, part 2: Any action leads to magic

This is why the physical is important: One action in the physical can alter universes in the energetical (real creation).

What people have forgotten, or was deliberately hided from them, is that ANY ACTION multiplies the idea/intent with which it was done. This is why magic works. You can choose to cut a chicken in full moon, with the intention to bring the lover to your life. It is THE ACTION that creates! You could just as well make a certain cake with the same intent and it would have the same result. This was always the difference between the so called “white” and “dark” magic: the white would choose “good” actions to code their intent, and the “dark” would choose “evil” actions. Where good means: respecting the will of others, and evil: raping the will of others.

ANY ACTION creates and multiplies the intent with which it was made. You can walk on the street holding a certain intent, and you would alter universes.

The thing that happened here is that people were deliberately kept ignorant of this simple basic truth. They were made to believe that reality is steady, that reality is a given, an organic construct that falls out of their will – when in fact, it is almost the opposite.

People were made to be careless of their actions. To not pay attention to the thought they’re having while doing actions. And then they wondered why crappy things were happening to them. Well.. instead of being deliberate in their thought, instead of knowing what energy they hold inside while doing certain action,  people were just making actions while having random thoughts and intents. And in the majority of the time those thoughts and intens were not even their owns – but were synthetic, stimulated thoughts, inserted in their brain via media, school, religion, etc. So everyone here just created over and over a reality that was fed to them, by not knowing what actions + energy does.

He who controls the ideas one is thinking of – controls the reality he is projecting. That simple.

This is why.. I always ADVICE in keeping one’s mind AWAY from public media, general news, or anything going viral at a certain time. If one feels so strong that he can expose himself to this stream of ideas and still know how to empty the contents of the mind – delete the trash bin :)) – then lucky for him: he can choose to listen to media, religion, etc. But until one still doesn’t manage to control his mind and the contents of his mind, the first aiding advice is to keep the mind as clean from general ideas, especially the ones who come with a great amount of emotional charge. The ideas are made to generally occupy the brain, and then.. any action one does in that day creates those realities.

Again: THE ACTION is the reality statement! The ACTION creates what the mind thinks in that moment!

It matters almost zero if one – for example – embraces another one. It matters less if one is helping someone out, if his ENERGY in that moment of action is in a place of let’s say: hurt, fear, anger, etc. Any action one does with that energy will only multiply the energy. It is a fact. If one, for example, eats a meal, but when eating his inner energy is about his boss yelling at him, then.. because his energy is in this place now his mind thinks about inner dialogoes about what he would tell his boss, and his emotions now pulse on being hurt, feeling weak, feeling mistreated, etc – all of this while him eating his meal. What do you think happens next? Because he is doing an ACTION while holding this energy, he is multypling this energy!!! The ACTION is a statement, a seal of reality! The action creates the reality the energetic is holding!!!

And .. we need almost not mention what happens when people eat while watching tv, or having conversations with other people that stir their emotions, or being in a restaurant with loud music that has a certain energetic imprint, etc etc.

So.. at least a couple of times per day, try to do an action with:

1. a complete clear mind : zero thoughts, zero emotions, pure observance. This is multiplying you holding a clear mind, which means: gaining more self power and remembering yourself.

2. a decided energetic state. choose an energy state you like and hold that inside of you while doing a certain action.

Example of actions you can try: eating, doing dishwashing, cleaning, moving, dancing, talking, walking the street, bathing, etc etc.

This is the entire “science” behind any “magical” action.

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