Spirit and the Original Human Form: the Omnium

The true Human Body has endless restorative abilities. Being able to heal and recover from any illness, any disease, any damage.
For this the Spirit must be awake and living in that physical Body.

Without the presence of an awake Spirit, the physical Body becomes mortal and prone to diseases.

The Spirit is the source of true living energy for the entire human system (Body+Mind+Soul).
If the Spirit is not awake nor alive in the physical Body, then the physical Body has to use external sources of energy to sustain itself.

Both the energetic body (the Soul) and the physical body need to turn to the outside for energy. This is when the Body starts consuming other life forms, and the Soul starts importing energy from other Souls, from Nature, from the energetic grid, etc.

Without an internal source of energy the human being starts relying on external sources of energy. That may, or may not, come with “fees” and “taxes”.

The only true energy source is the Spirit.
When awaken, Spirit becomes like an internal sun – that constantly nourishes and energises the entire human system with true living energy.

That’s when the Soul can start to feel inspired, loved, confident and creative.
Pure Power.

The Mind can become clear, seeing and understanding things as they are.
Pure Knowledge.

The Body can become energised, being able to heal and restore itself.
Pure Beingness.

The entire human system can start to unfold into its true original form, when Spirit awakens in the physical Body more and more.

This is the Original Human Body.
A form which stops being divided between multiple parts, multiple entities (a Soul, a Mind, a Body) – but instead becomes a singular, united, solid and integral thing.

A fusion between Mind, Body and Soul, which creates a new type of form altogether.
A form which I felt to call the Omnium.

The Omnium is the true and Original Human Form.
A form which is eternal, perfectly powerful and perfectly knowledgeable.

A form in which Spirit is fully present and aware of itself, 100%.
And a form Spirit is destined to achieve.

April 19, 2023

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