The initiation

Everything that happens in our life is a projection from a map existing in our brain.
When we are born, this map exists inside our brain as a whole entire reality, that we are consciously aware of.
This initial map holds the version of reality which we have come here to live. It holds the true version of our human self, the true version of earth and the true version of the people around. It holds our will and path for this current human life. Our own golden path (Dune).
Soon after we are born we start losing our connection to this real map inside our brain. Each interaction we have with the world around us, coming from parents, siblings, relatives or other people, even the noises from tv, the voices of other people on the street, and many other factors that reach our awareness as a baby (including food, injections, medicines, etc) – creates a sort of electrocuting effect that numbs the connections we inherently have to this real map and real reality inside our brains.
That clear map soon starts to be replaced with an unclear, foggy, unknown one. We soon start to learn that reality is different from what it appears naturally to us, and our brains start to build a new map of reality constructed from notions and concepts that it learns from the outside environment. Before the age of 1 most children completely forget the true, real map – still existing in their brains, and their brains become almost completely hooked to creating a new false map of reality according to what they learn from their outside environment, which they continue to work on for the rest of their lives.
As childs, at first we are happy with who we are, we still have sufficient energy and we still live faithfully and authentically to our true map, existing within us, even if our brains doesn’t know it consciously anymore. We are still connected to this real map through our souls, and we feel it through our hearts. Thus, when we are young most of us are still capable of reacting authentically to the outside environment around. When something from the outside environment aligns with that map that now exists only in our hearts, we feel happy, we express joy. When something from the outside environment doesn’t align with that real map existing within us, we voice and act out disapproval trying to correct the outside environment. We cry, we shout, we can even become violent.
When a child is not allowed to correct the outside environment, this is when this child turns inward and starts to re-build this correct, true map of reality as a secondary reality inside his mind. This is when a child becomes introverted, rather than extraverted or “dualverted”, and starts to live mostly off of its own imaginations and less from what happens in the outside world.
And any child – throughout its development – will, at some point, meet resistance from the outside world. Even if its in the form of parents, siblings, teachers, colleagues or other outside external disapproving factors – mostly any person would soon start to meet resistance, and here is where most people learn to slowly adapt their brains to meet the false, outside reality.
And most of us continue to do this for the rest of our lives, most adults learning to conform more and more to the false map, and ignore what they feel in their hearts.
And for most of us, this becomes our life. A constant living with an invisible inner pain from not living our true, real reality and our true, real identity in this world.
Some people reaching adulthood feel they now have the force to withstand the outside world and sometimes they start rebelling against it. We can see this happening especially in adolescence through late 20’s. Some other people – more sensible – turn their attention inward and try to bring their real reality in the outside reality by the means of art, writings, poetry, movies, or other expressive means.
Some people continue to feel connected to this true map inside of themselves throughout their whole life, constantly trying to find ways to live according with that map, even if most of them are not aware that that is what they’re doing.
And some people almost completely forget that real map within them, giving in almost fully to the false map of reality around. Some of these people either start living almost completely out of code, asleep and unconscious of their real nature, automatically and robotically moving through the outside world. Some others, still aware of that map at the heart level, might live with constant periods of depression, mental or physical illnesses, trial and erroring different ways that would help them get to that real map they subconsciously know within.
And some people forget that map entirely – mind and heart level – living in almost complete unconsciousness of who they really are, only to be awaken at some point in life – usually by a shocking or traumatic event or a series of them. This is usually what has been called the “Hero’s Journey” – when one is awaken by life to fulfil its real role inside this universal story. This is when a being that lived its life almost completely immersed in the false map of reality, shockingly is shown a hint of a more real reality, and this is where this person sees itself brutally shoved in the Hero’s boots, needing now to take a journey into finding its real self. And we can see this case in many people around us, many known people and many mythological stories.
Usually the journey comprises one falling into the dark depths of itself, meeting its monsters and demons, coming to terms with what this being really is – holistically – uniting the duality, and coming out flying from that inner pit. The mythological fall and the mythological flying serpent.
This is when the hero re-discovers the real map within its brain, understands who he/she really is, and accepts playing its real role inside this life. (The black man looking for a map inside people’s brains – from Westworld)
This is when a being comes “back” in society as its real self, knowing itself and ready to live its real story – this time having conscious mental awareness of that real map, not only soul or heart awareness. This process is usually called “the initiation” – and it outlines the moment when a being starts to consciously and fully live its role inside this universal story we are in.

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