The Quintessential Body

One property of the brain a human being posses is that it acts as a multiplexer for reality waves.
That means: it acts as a selector for which reality we want to experience.

The fact that the brain operates under brain waves has become a long known fact. What we usually don’t know, yet, is that each brain wave corresponds to a certain reality in the multiverse.

Our brain is like a radio. Whatever reality wave is selected by the brain, that reality gets manifested for us in the outside environment.
People might usually think reality is something stable, something defined and most than anything: something causal and liniar.
And although this universe has its rules and causes, constants and definitions, it can hardly be defined as stable or liniar. More so: the universe itself acts like a maleable substance. That means: the universe, in a way, is shapeless. The universe is like a water or a substance that can take whatever shape our minds imagine it to be.

And what we can call the grand reality, more than something defined, causal and fixed, seems to be an ocean or a pool of multiple, different realities, coexisting together. And each reality has its own setup, its own physical manifestation and its own energetic manifestation. And all these realities exist together like waves in an ocean. Perpetually moving, fluctuating, mixing and mingling – one with another one. Similar to the radio waves in the air.

At the higher levels of existence, these reality waves appear to exist in a less dense state of existence. They feel ethereal, “airy” and fast, although still physical and manifested. At the lower levels of existence these reality waves become heavier, denser and slower – gaining more and more mass.

When we embark on a human experience, we are given a body that acts as a selector, translator and manifestor for these reality waves. As the waves pass through the human body they acquire mass and they become manifested as a dense physical reality to our physical senses. If we are to continue with the analogy of the radio, we can say that just like the radio takes the invisible electro magnetic waves from the air and transforms them into sound that can be heard by our ears, this is how the human body takes the reality waves from the multiversal ocean we are in and transforms them into physical realities that our whole body can perceive.

In a way we can say that the human body is both the receiver and the perceiver of reality. The human body is the one holding the selected reality wave in place, manifesting it physically, and is also the one that then perceives the wave it manifested.

And the human device that acts as a selector for reality waves is what we call the human brain. The human brain, by design, is aware of all the reality waves existing in the multiverse ocean, at any time. The radio perceives the entire electro magnetic spectrum of waves existing in the “air” at any time. What the brain does, though, is that from the full ocean of reality waves it selects and fixes on one reality wave at a time. The brain is the human body’s multiplexer device.

From wikipedia:
“In electronics, a multiplexer (or mux; spelled sometimes as multiplexor), also known as a data selector, is a device that selects between several analog or digital input signals and forwards the selected input to a single output line.”
The invention of the multiplexor device made possible all our present technology and computers.

To continue the analogy, we can say that the human body is like an antena of a radio. The human body perceives everything that happens in the multiverse, at all times. Each cell acts as an antena, being directly connected to a reality wave existing in this multiverse. Our body is aware at all times of what the entire universe/multiverse is experiencing. Earth itself is like one big antena, translating for us whatever happens in the multiverse in the language of the earth experience.

Each cell is aware and perceiving one reality wave existing in the universe. Each cell is directly connected to one of the “movies” playing out right now in the multiverse. Our human body – in a way – is a physical quintessence of the entire universe.

From this multiverse ocean of reality waves, just like a radio, the human brain is able to select and fix on one of them, at any time. Whichever wave the brain has selected, the body will make it real. Once the wave is selected by the brain, the raw codes of that wave – similar to gps locations – are transmitted to the neurones. The neurones take the raw codes and first translates them into the language of the earth, and after decoding them in the language of the earth, it further translates them in the language of the physical bodies. The same earth codes are later translated in the language of the different bodies existing on earth. Eg: the same code can have a translation in the language of an animal body, and a different translation in the language of a tree body, and a different one in the language of a human body.

The brain – basically – translates the raw codes of a certain reality in the multiverse to a language the body understands. Then using neural signals it translates the received commands to the cells of the human body. The cells then emanate and manifest that reality wave into a physical experience.

We can say that the human body acts as a projector in a movie cinema. The human body is the one that manifests for us our perceived reality.

We can also say the human body is like an entire, self contained, cinema. The human body acts as a selector, translator, projector and perceiver, giving us (the awareness) access to the movie of our life. The human body first helps us select the reality wave we want to experience, from the ocean of waves existing in the multiverse. Then it takes that wave and it translates it in the language of the earth, so we can perceive ourselves as earthly life forms and then translates them into the language of our human body. Then it takes the translated human body language or codes and manifests it as a physical reality. Then, using the human senses, it perceives the manifested reality, gathering data and information.

Basically decoding the multiverse in the human body’s language.

In a way, we could say that.. the human beings are the eyes, ears, mouths, noses and skin of the earth. Earth perceives itself through humans, just like humans perceive themselves through the cells on their body (cells making up our ears, eyes, skin, nose, mouth, organs, etc). By having humans earth is perceiving itself in a different way, through different senses, knowing itself through a different spectrum, like having new devices or lenses of perception. In a way we could say that each human is but a cell of the earth itself, experiencing life in the benefit of earth. A sort of organic AI, device or garment the earth has embellished itself with, in order to view itself in a certain way. Like one would put earrings or a pair of sun glasses.

We could say that by experiencing ourselves on earth, we are helping the earth experience a “movie” she wants to experience for herself. Through the human body reality is translated and perceived in a way earth didn’t knew before. From the mass of reality waves existing in the multiverse, the human body has a certain translation and manifesting capacity that feels unique and endemic only to the human species, a capacity that feels almost like gold to have it. This is why I get this feeling of earth garnishing itself with humans.

A capacity that has something to do with the malleability of the human mind. Unlike other species existing in the universe, the human mind is able to operate and accept the entire spectrum of waves existing in the universe. The human mind is maleable and flowable, like a liquid. The human mind, in its original blueprint, is 100% unbiased and un-attached to any form or reality existing in the universe, thus being able to perceive and live them all. The human mind is like the quick silver, a quintessential substance – alien to this universe, I would say. It feels like an alien technology brought to this universe by “something” or “someone” else. And this technology feels pretty much regulated and strict to whom is able to use it. For example: earth feels like a baby, a sort of royal child, that has been granted access to play with some levels of this technology. In the end earth is able to learn how to operate this technology – the levels that she was granted – being able to take full control and operation of those levels. This is when earth becomes fully alive in this universe, growing up, blooming itself and .. from what I see, earth becomes a sort of leading ruler of the universe. This feels to have been the destiny of earth, this is what earth was built for, in a way. A sort of royal feminine ruler of the universe.

Yet first, earth needs to mature, and this was brought as a possibility by understanding how to operate humans. Through humans, earth is able to understand the universe as a whole. Through their experience, across millenias and multiversed timelines, through their maleable mind that has the capacity of perceiving the entire universe .. earth gains the possibility of seeing the entire spectrum of the universe, thus learning about the wholeness of the universe. Knowledge and understanding much needed in its future role.

Thus, we as life beings (awarenesses) have come here to assist earth in making this understanding, by us ourselves taking a human body and understanding how to operate it. Through our experience, work and effort earth learns. Earth sees all that we see, feels all the we feel, understands all that we understand individually. Basically, most of us (either from the “white” or “dark” team) have come here to teach and assist earth, by operating its human devices. Earth learns whatever we learn, experiences whatever we experience. We are the cells of the earth, its skin, its eyes, ears, mouth and senses.

And there are many levels in which earth learns. Not all humans are operating under the same reality waves or brain waves. Earth needs to learn about the whole spectrum of the universe, thus: different humans experience different reality waves. Hence: multiple timelines, multiple parallel versions of earth, multiple simulations and experiments.

Some humans are set to operate under specific brain waves, let’s say: collective brain waves, as earth needs them to collect mass information about some specific reality waves existing in the multiverse. Other humans are set to operate under less known or less experienced brain waves. This is when earth expands its knowledge, looking at different other universal waves than the ones she grew a good hold on. This is when we as humans can experience pain. Whenever we go into an unknown reality wave, that the earth has little experience with, we might automatically feel afraid. This is because earth itself feels “afraid”, in a way. At the level of earth fear is not experienced the same way as it is experienced for humans, still.. earth can see an information that has not been digested previously, and for a moment.. it can pause things until it is able to process it and understand it. That moment of pause in terms of the earth’s mind, can feel as pain or fear to our human minds .. as we, for that time, feel dwelling in the unknown, without the conscious support of the earth. After earth learns to process and integrate that new information, that new reality wave from the universe, things start to appear much easy for us humans, and we then go and explore that reality wave in greater depth. Like opening a certain door in a house. After earth learns to open that door human’s have brought to her attention, humans can get to have an unparalleled level of freedom and support to explore the contents in that room.

This is what I feel to outline: earth is constantly learning, processing and integrating information each moment of each day. Just like the brain of a growing child, earth is constantly under work. She is constantly processing and learning through the experience humans provide and integrate that experience as parts of herself. And whenever an experience or piece of information has been integrated, then humans start to have it much more easy in their earthly experience.

Thus, some humans – the majority – are used by the earth as a constant communication device with the universe, constantly being kept on some fixed reality waves the earth knows at that specific moment. Some other humans, lesser in numbers, are used by earth as sentinels or explorers into unknown, un-charted reality waves from the universe. These humans help the earth expand and learn more and more about the universe, opening its brain more and more to the whole reality of what the universe is, exactly as a child learns about life, as it grows.

I also see a third category of humans, that are here to teach earth about a sort of alchemical, quintessential understanding of the whole nature of the universe at once. This understanding has to do with that liquid quality the human mind posses. Some humans are here to un-lock the very quintessential property of the human mind: that of being able to switch reality waves at will, thus befriending earth with the true meaning and reality of the whole universe at once, opening this gate for her into maturity.

This is what I usually saw as a golden gate, or a golden egg portal the earth is currently traversing. The earth is currently growing up, taking its first step into her next role towards the golden rulership of this universe.

And this is where, for some of the humans here, things are starting to be different. These humans, the ones in the third category especially, yet all the humans as a whole, are now calibrating more and more to this new step the earth is making. Each human that is here to work at unravelling the liquid quality of the human mind is now starting to be more and more aware of this trait and this possibility in their own mind, being called to sediment this skill into the earth consciousness.

These quintessential beings (the third category) are here to show to the earth how this process is done, how one can liquify and solidify reality at will, by using the technology of the human mind. From what I see many of these beings come from places outside of this universe/multiverse, beings whom appear to have already achieved a mastery over this process or technology. The fact that these beings appear to learn how to do this process now from scratch, comes from taking in the consciousness of the earth, that is currently learning about it. Thus, these quintessential beings once they were embodied on earth, they partly “forgot” these skills they natively already mastered, in order to re-learn it as an embodied human on earth so that the earth can learn it through their experience.

Thus, I can now reveal that what we call the human body or the human mind, has little to do with anything we see on earth. The human body in reality doesn’t look like anything we see in this present version of the earth. If I see this correctly, what we call “the human body” is a technology coming from outside of this universe.

A technology imported or uploaded in this multiverse by “something” or “someone” else. In lack of a better word I would call this type of technology the “quintessential” or “liquid” body. A quintessential body – has no form whatsover. A quintessential body takes the physical form of whatever “planet” consciousness it is hooked up with. The physical form this “quintessential body” would take on a planet like Mars, for example, would be different than the form it would take on a planet like Pluto, or on a Star. Basically this body takes a physical manifestation that is a representation of the consciousness of that specific planet or life form, in a given moment, in a specific way. This “quintessential body’s” main purpose is to reflect the wholeness of the universe to that specific planet, in its own language! If the planet Mars would be granted this technology, the planet Mars would see the whole universe in a certain way, different than what planet Pluto, or planet Earth, or a Star would see, using the same body. Even if the universe is just one ocean of realities, each of these planets has its own consciousness or “colored lense” from which it views this universe. Thus, this “quintessential body”, once imported on a planet – shows the whole universe/multiverse in the specific language (“colour”) of that planet.

This is why a physical body on Mars would forever be different than a physical body on Earth, or on a Star. I could even say that .. this “quintessential body” is a technology used to manifest all physical bodies in the universe, each of them according with the consciousness and preferences of those specific planets. Still, from what I see, not all planets or stars are given access to the fullness of this quintessential body. Some planets are given access to some fixed levels of it, thus manifesting physical forms  that tend to retain their shape, or have a spectrum in which their shape can change. Some other planets can be granted some range of levels from this quintessential technology, thus the shapes of their physical forms can change fast, in the range of that spectrum. What I see earth has been given is access to a broader spectrum that comprises this whole universe and some fixed levels of the broader cosmos.

Thus, us as beings operating a human body, we have the inherited capacity of shifting our brain waves and thus: shaping ourselves in any physical form existing in this universe. Any physical form from any planet, any manifestation, any world. And not only that. While on earth, we are able to shift our perception to any world and reality existing in this multiverse. In our 100% brain functionality, while on Earth, we are able to quantically “teleport” our mind/awareness in any world, any realm, any planet existing in this universe. Inherently a healthy human brain can shift its reality at will. One second you can be in your home in one of Earth’s cities, in another second you can be on the beach of some exotic planet. While still retaining full consciousness of your home place from earth. And even more. A healthy brain is able to shift through time as well. By learning how to liquify its awareness, a human brain can shift from a present reality, to a past reality, to a future reality – from this multiverse.
Similar, a human brain can shift through dimensions and levels of reality. One moment you can choose to experience yourself in a denser, heavier, slower physical reality, the next moment you can shift into a lighter, energetical, faster physical reality.

And probably the pinnacle of the “quintessential” body, and inherently that of the human brain, is that we can choose to exit and enter the whole creation at will.

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