The one standing gazer

Your choices are your powers.

Hell and Heaven are in the same place. Here.

You … are the zero point, the one standing gazer, that can lean his head towards one or the other.

You can decide to look left, and experience hell, look right and experience heaven, or… when the game becomes either too exhausting or boring, you can close it, by looking within.


You move through reality with your choices. “Life on Earth” it’s a huge “choose your own adventure game”. We will skip the question of whether you agreed to enter this game or were forced to do so. You are here now. Everything you choose, it’s your next direction. Everything you continue to choose repeatedly it’s your stage and setup. When you feel the movie it’s going on too fast, too painful, or too mad … you can stop it by going still. You stop the choosing.

PS: Don’t be fooled by choosing good vs evil. That’s the biggest trap. All of the King’s sons have fallen trying, except for you.. the younger one. You are next in round for trying to debunk this game. If you want to stop evil, you must be prepared to also stop the good. If you want to stop the game, or move at a slower pace, there is only the road that you already know.

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