The time to play

All what we have is our inside.
Our inside is the sun through which the outer world is illuminated and perceived.
Whatever lands we have in our inside, those lands would bare fruits and plants on the outside.

This is why learning to understand, chart, map and befriend our own inside world is the first step in acquiring true mastership over our outside world.

Learning what bodily instincts are, how they are created and why. Learning the world of our own emotionality and feelings, the ocean of our soul. Learning the clockwork workings of our own minds, the language of symbols and archetypes. And finally putting all these inner processes in context and frame to one another, like a director to a musical orchestra.

Only by gaining inner congruity and light over our own inner processes, can we truly step in the playground of the world.
Only after learning about our own inner orchestra, the different music performers and instruments, can we truly start creating music.

Hence, time for cleaning and organising my orchestra, as the music calls me deep.
And the time for play has come 🙂

Meeting myself might be the most majestic meeting
I shall ever make.

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