True evolution can happen by feeling the emotions

Rejection freezes / solidifies energy. It creates stagnation in order to better see that energy. Like hitting the pause button in order to inspect something in more depth. Sometimes in microscopical detail. We cannot analyse things if they are moving. We need to stop them in order to understand how they work. Hence: a certain wave of energy might come our way, and we can decide to let it pass through our body or we can decide to stop it “at the entrance”. Stopping the energy is like saying “hold on, let me inspect if this is something I want to take in my body”. And hence: the energy freezes inside our soul. We reject letting that energy pass through our body and hence our soul takes it and stores it, until we manage to understand it and let it pass.

Acceptance / Transparency liquifies energy.
Accepting to feel means: liquifying back the energy. Means transforming from solid to liquid. Means: letting that energy pass through our soul and body.
After our minds have spent sufficient time holding that energy solid to analyse and understand it, the mind can decide to “let it pass” through the body. Hence: we stop our rejection at the soul level. We allow our soul to feel that energy. And hence: that energy passes through our body, discharges its carried information/contents within the body and moves on.

This is what emotions and feelings are: messengers from our cosmic self.
Messengers from a level higher than the soul of the body.
Carriers of information and will codes from our higher soul, over soul or higher self. Which also means: core soul or core self.

Hence: emotions and feelings are just energies coming to teach our body some new things.
Coming to evolve our bodies, in a way. Help it move forward on a certain story/journey.

With the help of the mind, we can either allow these messengers to deliver their contents to the body, or not. We stop the messengers at the level of the mind and hence: the soul does its job at freezing the emotion. Freezing an emotion means transforming it from a wave to a particle. From liquid to solid. Once that energy becomes solid, it becomes a “thing” – we can use our minds to microscope that “thing” to details so we can “understand it”. After our minds have understood the energy in its “thing” form, the mind can pass the “green card” and the soul de-freezes that wave, transforms that energy back from solid to liquid. From particle to wave.


We stop the emotion by rejecting to feel. Through countless tools of mental distractions, as it is done at the level of the mind.
We allow it by feeling it. Feeling it’s done at the level of the soul.

And when we finally feel it, that energy manages to “touch”, “communicate” and “discharge” its carried contents to the body. It basically gives the body new codes, new information from our cosmic self. Hence: it changes/evolves/updates the body with the new higher/true will.

And a renewed body then renews the mind and updates the soul.

A constant practice of feeling the emotions/feelings means: an up to date body/mind/soul system.

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