The body creates the reality

The body is not a translator of reality. The body creates the reality.

Before any creation … one only has an idea. But the idea alone is not enough for one to experience things. In order for the idea to become experienceable it needs mass, it needs “physicality” – let’s say. And what gives mass to ideas is the primordial ocean of life. This ocean, this “water” is our moulding clay: a sentient substance of un-polarised information.

Basically after the idea is invented it is inserted into a sort of pulsing device (the heart!) that constantly pulses/sings that idea. Then the device is inserted inside a body, and now the body is constantly emanating that idea in much broader, complex waves. And when the body is immersed in the pool of information (the primordial ocean) it arranges the information around the body in patterns – and then the mind interprets the patterns.

This is the entire science behind creating and observing reality.

In a sense: perceiving reality means uniting the idea with the clay. The “something” with the “nothing”. The male with the female. Basically the act of observing reality is the act of giving birth.

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