The puzzle of the common soul

The game was a game just like any other. A puzzle, an experience, an endeavour … to expand our mind, our awareness. For some the game offered learning, for some expansion/growth, for some practising some skills, for others just observing, taking notes, collecting data, etc. Think of it as a Sudoku – expanded exponentially. And so the common soul was invented. A riddle. A puzzle. A un-deciphered sphere.

A common endeavour to crack it together. So we split in teams. Some formed multiple player teams, some preferred to play alone, some decided to play in pairs, some to split themselves in multiple versions, some morphing between multiple teams. The idea was for some to hold the puzzle so that the others could explore it/play it. Some became the game, some became the players.

So we went through to play the game: to decipher the puzzle of the common soul. We knew nothing about it before we entered, we just knew a basic “trailer” and some rules. Still we knew we held the skills to solve it. The puzzle was always built to match the skills. So to get started each of the players embodied a structure, a “body”, that contained the entire common soul, the entire game, so that any of them could have it with them at all times. The beings could be worlds apart but united in a single multi-player game, each of them connected between them by the game’s software.

Then the experience started. The players (either alone, in teams, in allegiances, etc) would start their exploration of the common soul – each bringing their skills into the game. The common endeavour of uncovering and unlocking the soul game together. Each experience/discovery a player would make would automatically be sent to a common neural network – a common library of knowledge which would store all the data uncovered by all the players, in the endeavour of having a unified understanding of the puzzle. Each player had access at all times to this library, accessing all the knowledge and information discovered by all the other players. So when a player would uncover a new portion of the game, all the other players would automatically have access to this understanding/skill/asset.

And then everything that followed (multiple experiments, different formulations, codes, creations, wars, etc) was only fuelled by the initial quest of wanting to uncover the game, to crack it, to understand it – together. Players who felt themselves strong enough tried to take as much of the puzzle on their own in order to offer knowledge to the others. Of course at some point competition sprung, or war was inserted into the formula – so now the players started competing who can uncover more of the puzzle on their own – or which team can retrieve more understanding.

The zoom in / zoom out process

Each time a player would adventure into the depths of the common soul, he would do a process which we could call: zoom in. The player would use his awareness to zoom in on some portions of the common soul, to see them better. This zooming in process would offer a microscopic view, a detailed laser look that would yield in depth knowledge of those portions. And as one zoomed in on some portions he would see those portions in greater detail, but at the expense of omitting the rest of the portions that now remained outside of his view. And this created what would be referred to as “forgetfulness” or “ignorance”. As beings zoomed in, deeper and deeper, on some portions of the soul they ignored more and more of the rest of the portions.

The zooming in processes yield incredible knowledge – at the expense of incredible ignorance.

And ignorance – as it was already designed from the start – would always be paired with a signal to let the player know he is deliberately ignoring something. Just as the rope of a scuba diver that would eventually help him come out of the underwater cave exploration, this signal would eventually help beings zoom out to their real whole awareness. And this signal would eventually be known as pain.

The original pain tool

Pain was initially created to act as a rope, a thread, a signal.. that would remind the player of what he is ignoring, thus giving him a chance to add those portions back into his awareness and thus: zoom back out of the game. Without this rope, how could a player know how to come back to his whole awareness? The pure awareness has no memory. It just is.

Pain was never meant to be painful. Pain became painful after beings decided to mix rejection into the formula. At some point “brave” players decided to take the game to more extreme and advanced levels, and decided to increase the ignorance further and further in order to achieve greater and greater knowledge. So even though beings felt the cord, felt the pain signalling what they now ignored, they decided to test how much they can stretch this cord, how far they can take it.

For some of the beings, due to their skills, it was obvious almost from the beginning that the game was a fractal, a recursive function, that would express the same thing over and over trough out all the levels. So there was obvious zero need to go to such extreme levels of pain to understand the soul, when one could understand the same thing in gentle levels as well – if that player would carefully pay attention. It was obvious for those who understood the fractal nature of the game that once you understand the main formula, one can zoom in and out of any level as the need required, without being stuck to one level or another.

The issue that happened is that some of the players that decided to experiment with zooming in to such incredible levels, became almost completely ignorant of themselves and the game. And when some “brave“ or “mastermind” players wanted to take the game to even higher extremes they deliberately decided to play with rejecting to zoom out. The beings started rejecting the signal that would tell them where to look. And then the signal needed to become stronger and stronger, and then the players rejected more and more, and the pain became stronger and stronger. And this yield more and more knowledge, experience and power – until almost soul annihilation.

The addiction

This is when some beings felt into some sort of addiction with the game. Their quest for more and more knowledge/experience lead them to create more and more ignorance, that lead to more and more pain – and eventually some players became addicted to pain itself.

The quarantine

This is when the quarantine was set in place and the simulation was constructed – so that these beings could continue exploring this endeavour in a close, safe environment – a loop of a sort, that would play out the same scenarios, until the beings would feel ready to make the zoom out process.

The rehabilitation center

The original game was already “won” and understood. The beings that remained caught up in their identification with the game, needed to be inserted in a sort of “rehabilitation” center. Simulated environments that would offer beings a chance to slowly recover themselves. Because.. just as in the case of army soldiers – that even after the war ends still believe the war is real – some players would still remain so identified with the game, their perception still being “virused” by believing the game is still going on. So they needed a “safe” place to gently and slowly come out of that. And this is what the “planet earth” environment, with its multitude of versions, was constructed for.

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