Discussion on the topic of the consciousness virus

Today I had a fruitful conversation with a friend, on the topic of the so called “virus” or “parasite” that has affected the human consciousness.

This being was exposing its own research and findings into how biological viruses are working, at the physical level. How biological viruses are made up of one strand of an RNA molecule, covered in some proteins. And RNA being a transmitter of information, facilitating communication between cells, allowing the cells to adapt and evolve their behaviour. Basically: a biological virus would be a mutating agent, opening up a potential for change and evolution within some of the cells of that organism.

In his own words:

“We humans produce viruses, and animals too. This is as a result of a personal growth/mutation/evolution, and then that goes into the environment in order to tell the other members of the community and help them evolve too.

It’s just that not every body and mind is capable of upgrading. And so their bodies die, because they cant assimilate and transmute and use that new upgrade.”

His findings about how viruses operate at a physical, biological level, seemed to mirror – precisely – my own findings about how this “consciousness virus” has operated at the level of our human consciousness. At the level of the Soul.

I went on to write the following:

“Wow. This seems so similar with what I’ve understood from a Soul level. It feels like.. this so called consciousness “virus” was a sort of potential for evolution. From the perspectives of the Souls that were finding themselves living comfortably in their own dream worlds (think Mal from Inception, beach scene), this virus seemed devastating. It actually was. But from a different perspective, this same virus.. appears to have been the call/potential for waking up. For evolving oneself to a truer version of oneself. Inviting more of Spirit in.

And it does feel like this mutation required an unspeakable amount of effort for that Soul. It asked much.. much of the Soul’s strength, Will, Love. Basically it always seems to reduce to: Love for Truth. And it required that that particular Soul dives so deep within itself, sacrificing almost everything.. all its dream worlds, all its fantasies, everything.. in a way, for that True Love. The Soul had to be able to show it can let go of those creations/dreams/imaginations. I don’t know why it was like this.. maybe after one learns how to let go of something it has actually learned to master that thing. Like.. until we learn to also brake and not only accelerate a car, we can’t actually properly drive.

This mutating agent asked everything from that Soul, but if the Soul was able to make it, if the Soul was able to trust in Spirit, in True Love, more then in its own imaginations, then I feel.. that Soul actually would have gained full mastery over some interior tool.. and would be granted everything and MORE in return. But it seems like.. not all Souls could self mutate in this way. Not all Souls were able to use this upgrading agent.

And I think what would happen for the Souls that didn’t manage to upgrade themselves, would be a sort of soul death. Which we have literally seen in the case of this virus. Like some of the Souls which have been rejecting to upgrade, to incorporate the message/info transmitted by this “virus”, I think went into soul comatose. Not actual death, but similar. A prolonged state of stagnation, similar to death. And I think for some Souls.. I don’t know if some of them would be able to truly recover from this soul death. And I think that maybe.. in the case of these Souls that don’t manage to recover from this soul death, I think these Souls would be absorbed back into their OverSoul. Similar to how, in Nature, once a body dies, it is re-absorbed in nature.”

Later in the conversation, the friend raised the issue of how this so called consciousness virus appears to have infringed into some of the free will of the Souls, appearing in the course of their journeys, mutating or changing them – against their will. This is when he wrote:

“If you don’t consent to being exposed to the virus, yet it reaches you and challenges you, what then?”

To this I wrote the following text, which was the text I decided to publish this article for:

Hmm, I don’t know what to say about this thing with the rape / free will infringement. Throughout all what I’ve seen so far, I’ve always seen that.. at a level or another, we ALWAYS AGREE with whatever we are experiencing. Simply.. this is how Awareness works. You can’t be aware of something, which you haven’t – paradoxically – agreed with. Simply impossible. One needs to first agree to experience something, and then.. that something is experienced. Otherwise.. if the agreement doesn’t precede.. one’s Awareness/Spirit wouldn’t even know what “movie” – sort to speak – to animate.

Think about it this way: our Awareness is what gives life to things. What animates things. It’s like the hand that is inserted in a puppet, that makes the puppet come to life, appear to move, talk, etc. But if the hand doesn’t know in which puppet to go, then .. the puppet will have no hand in it. And without an animating hand, no moving puppet🙂 Simple. So.. we need to first agree which thing we accept to invest/pour our Awareness in, and only after this.. can we start diving into the experience of that thing that we agreed.

So from this perspective, there seems to be zero confusion about this process. Now, if this is so (and I know this to be so with my entire being) .. then.. every Soul that encounters the “virus”, it has this encountering prompt to it.. because at a certain level, it’s own Awareness/Spirit has agreed for this encountering to be possible.

Now, what I feel has happened in this reality here, why the Souls said that they were exposed to this “virus” against their conscious will, I think it’s because of this darkness creation. Inside a darkness creation.. one is separated from its Spirit. One loses touch with that True Knowledge – what Spirit knows, what Spirit “thinks”, the agreements it makes, why and how, etc. Simply.. one is disconnected from Spirit. One finds itself in darkness. Aka: a cinema room🙂 That has to be dark before a movie starts playing.

So.. in this cinema room, in this dark creation (the entire organic creation, in my opinion), we lose touch with our Spirit. We forget or are un-aware of what agreements Spirit has made, what potentials have been allowed for possible manifestations, etc. We lose touch with the decisions our Spirit is making. And so.. finding ourselves within the experience, having no knowledge of this Spiritual aspect of ourselves, it might appear like things are happening.. out of the blue!🙂 Against our will. And yes, things might actually happen against the will of the little Soul. The little Soul might have never envisioned encountering this virus, this mutating agent – that would require it to work on itself and change itself so much. For the little Soul this encountering might have appeared abusive, intrusive. And it was.

But this is what it was needed in order to provoke a spike of evolution in that Soul. That Soul had to encounter a provocation of sorts. Something that would make the Soul need to stretch the limits of itself, overcome itself, grow itself. Growth – the real one – can only be a self made process. The Soul had to put in effort, to mutate itself, and not all Souls felt ready – from the get go – to put this much effort into evolving themselves.

For this reason, I feel that.. some Souls reacted with either anger, frustration, denial.. to this encountering with this virus. Like trying to wake someone else from sleep at 5am in the morning. Not all will react nicely to this🙂 Some will just want to go back to sleep.

Only some, those who understand the need for them to wake up, will jump from bed or do whatever they need to shatter the sleep from their eyes, even if it’s 5am in the morning. Only the ones that managed to recognise the goal, the purpose behind this apparent “forceful” waking up of their Soul, could actually put in the effort to evolve themselves. The other Souls, perhaps, just snarled grumpy to be left alone.

These grumpy ones I associate them with the ones that probably came up with the quarantine idea. Souls that just wanted to return to their dream worlds un-affected. Unknowingly that that would never be possible again. As.. once a Soul encounters this so called virus, I feel it encounters the potential for its next highest self, it’s improved, upgraded self. A potential that becomes too magnetic for that Soul, and that Soul is forever touched by that encounter. Even if, at first, it might seem devastated.

So I think.. the Souls that reacted with fear or rage, or pain (genuine, legitimate reactions actually) might have been Souls that genuinely didn’t knew how to let go of their dream worlds, and were afraid of the effort needed to evolve themselves to meet this new potential, offered by this so called virus. Souls that might have genuinely not have known how to grow themselves, child Souls – sort to speak.

But given enough time and attention, anything can be learned. Anything can be deducted. Even this challenge posed by this virus. So, bottom line: what the Soul needed to do is to offer its time, attention and dedication to this encountering, and if the Soul would do this, if it would meet this “virus” in this way (with Awareness, attention, dedication) then the challenge would be overcome un-imaginably quick. Evolution would happen smooth, becoming even a thrilling process. But if the Soul would chose to resist this mutation, try to delay it, try to quarantine it or what not, then.. well.. the call for evolution would just continue to increase, and increase, and increase. Until.. pain.

Pain just being an un-answered call for evolution.

DN, July 16 2023

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  1. Foarte interesant subiectul discutat. Iubesc cand se imbina spiritualitatea cu stiinta si tehnologia. Tu prezinti acest subiect intr-un mod intuitiv, iar reflectiile tale pot fi pline de intelepciune. Esti o sursa de inspiratie si iA£elepciune pentru cei cu care iA£i imparti gandurile.

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