Q&A: Is fear coming from the Body?

While conversing with a friend on the topic of the core fear existing at the root of the Human Consciousness, a topic I have recently explored in this video here, this question or comment came up:

“But do you think is the fear of the soul/consciousness or the fear of the body..the physical body..because, the body seems to be the one who has forgotten our true nature, while the soul..at least the higher/big soul (not the little soul), does remember our true nature, which i assume has no concept of fear, as in fear is not a thing there at all.”

Took some time to write an answer and thought to publish the text here, as well:

Actually, the way I see it, the Body has zero fear. It’s the Mind of the Body – the Soul of the Body – that has fear.
It is the Soul of the Body the one that stores all the apparent fears of the body, like for example.. the fear of being eaten alive, the fear of dying in cold, etc. These are stored within the Soul of the Body, within the soul of some cells. Not in the cells themselves (the atoms).

All the trauma, the fear, the emotions, etc – are stored within the Subconscious Mind. Which is just another name for the Soul of the Body.

The Body (the physical vessel) is quite neutral. The Body is just manifesting reality, in accord with whatever energy is fed to it. If energy is fed from the Soul, which is in fear, then the Body will manifest a fearful, survival reality. In which the Body appears mortal, able to be injured, fighting for its life, etc. If the energy comes from Spirit, which is always knowing, always fine, then the Body manifests the true version of the physical avatar. Immortal, self healing, knowing oneself, etc.

Hence, the way I see it – it is this Soul of the Body that is in fear. It is this Soul of the Body that finds itself on a journey of evolution, from childhood to maturity. As this Soul of the Body is growing and maturing it is learning how to properly handle its own energies, the substance it is made of. As currently, the Soul of the Body (the Human Consciousness) does not know how to properly handle its own energies. It’s like a child that has been granted a powerful tool, that still learns how to control it. And so .. there are energies that exist within our Human Soul.. that have yet to be understood and most importantly: USED CORRECTLY.

As this seems to be the main issue: using some of these energies in some incorrect ways, producing some incorrect actions. Like a child that doesn’t yet know how to correctly use a knife, let’s say. So instead of holding the knife from the handle, it holds it from the sharp edge. And so.. it bruises itself. Hence.. the incomplete knowledge leads to an incorrect action, that leads to pain. Which pain indicates always a need for more awareness, more knowledge. (Basically: more Spirit)

From what I’ve seen so far, it always boils down to the Actions. What actions we do and most importantly: how we do them. This seems to be the key.

And until the Human Soul properly understands some of its energies and how to correctly use them, it will be in fear of them. Fear is just .. a response to an interior knowledge that is lacking. There is something within us that we don’t know, and so.. it appears scary, because.. we don’t know how to evaluate, what to do with that specific energy. It’s like a tool that is out of control, producing chaotic outcomes. Until we learn to tame it, to understand it.

So it appears that the Soul of the Body is the one in fear, fearing some parts of itself, that have yet to be understood. In this case: fearing some parts that have to do with its Real Self, its Spirit. Like.. fearing letting go of childhood and growing into maturity.

And the Soul of the Body is a construct created from Mind+Soul. It’s always this pair: the Masculine and the Feminine.

The Mind of the Body is the immature, underdeveloped masculine energy. That which has been called the Ego Mind.
And the Soul of the Body is the immature, uncontrolled feminine energy. The seat of emotions, desires, etc.

These two.. the Mind and the Soul of the Body work only together. Like Adam and Eve, the immature Masculine and the immature Feminine find themselves on a quest together, to figure out their True Nature.

While the physical Body is just reflecting their journey🙂

June 11, 2023

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