About doubt and the quality of perception

It’s interesting to observe the process/program of doubt. A split of perception, an entertainment of 2 or more possible scenarios at the same time.

While me as a being I am always quite decisive, sure and mostly trustful, I had times in my life where I would encounter myself with the Gemini of Doubt. This magical, highly intelligent creature, creates in the mind a split of perception, a split of interest – almost.

So while one is doubting that a certain person, event, outcome is truly what it appears to be, or what is says it is, or if it is “good” or “bad”, reality morphs and brings equal evidence for both perspectives.

In a sense “the thinker thinks what the prover proves” as Robert Anton Wilson puts it.

But this property of reality mirroring our own perception of it, is highly evident when one experiences a doubt experience. The same existing elements are used by the mind to perceive 2 or more equally valid scenarios. And then one asks: which one is the true one? And I ask myself: does it matter?

If the mind is strong enough to entertain and live them both as being equally real, how can we draw the line between them?

And here we enter on the field of Will. Will is the only one who comes and finally says “This is the true one”. Nothing else outside of the Will creates reality.

It is by will alone I set my mind in motion” Dune, 1984

And what the Gemini of Doubt is doing is using intelligence to create for the Will a palette of options. A split of one’s own perception, in a sense. So now.. one is put to choose his own preferences, in a sense. By default we are all entitled with a set personal note, a set palette of preferences, let’s say. These preferences steam from one main note, and are quite congruent with one another, they are like a tree. First you have a main trunk, a main personal note, a main preference – let’s say – and then the other notes/ branches/ preferences steam from this main one, being derived to it. But what Doubt does is that it creates a double tree, or multiplying of the whole tree. So now.. the being is put to observe itself not as his own defined main note, but as a palette of other possible main notes. So which one does he now wants to choose?

Basically doubt reverses, in a sense, the already defined personal note of a being, offering a chance for this being to CHANGE it. Although doubt is usually interesting and quite valuable, in this realm has been – like any other tool almost – weaponised. Doubt at its core it has the potential to grant the being with the ability to choose and change its own note. It reverts the static choice of sticking to only one defined note, and creates the possibility of surfing through and “singing” other notes as the need calls. Of course that such a thing can only be achieved by a highly aware and trained individual, willing to really work with the Doubt Tool.

As my personal preference, due to the – not out of the sky – capacity of intelligence I posses at this moment, I currently prefer to use the tool of certainty, of defined, clear routes. But I can clearly see the level of mind enhancement this tool brings, for the ones who are already self mastering one note and are thus interested in expanding their mind to the “next levels”, sort to speak.

Sometimes I see that certainty is faster. Using my personal note, I can benefit from ignoring the million of other notes and options, and just stick to playing that one. I stick to my road, in a sense. Using doubt, although entertaining and mind expanding, I am almost not moving, like Narciss caught staring at himself in the pond for years :))

Yeah, doubt creates incredible possibilities, ways to view reality from so many perspectives, but.. at the end .. without making a statement and choosing one, one remains in the same position.

In a sense – this is what happened here, on “planet errrhht”. Although it appears we move and evolve, understand and do work on ourselves, we actually are almost still, asleep and stagnant. The only way to move further is to play the note assigned to you. The doubt of that, the un-trust, is what kept us en-trapped in this “circle” of “death”.

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  1. Foarte fina si profunda analiza. ERRRHT vine de la ERH, o exclamatie de care arata ca nu merge ceva bine?

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