Mind viruses from youtube videos

I was watching a video yesterday. The video was made by a guy i found to be real, genuine person, but this video was containing inside of it another video, made by someone else, on the topic of alchemy, and it was inserted as a reference.

I watched that other video also. Still while watching I could sense that something is going on, something is not 100% ok about the information presented. The second guy was talking about alchemy and presenting the main processes of the internal alchemy, and while all the info seemed ok inside something felt unpleasant, or off. I knew it was truth mixed with bullshit, this was obvious (as the real guy who referenced the video also mentioned this at the end of the video). It was clearly bullshit from some parts, but this is not the main important thing. Another thing happened that was more important: the voice of this second presenter transmitted mental viruses. He was using his voice as the main tool, but also the music and most of all the graphics and alchemical charts found in the video.

It is a bit unusual, maybe, that someone that presents a video about inner alchemy could also present bullshit, and most important: could also transmit mental viruses!

After watching the video I felt something inside of me changed, i was feeling something alien, something extra, something not quite myself inside of me.

Again, for a regular person, untrained in pure self observation, this kind of stuff happens every day and he does not notice this viruses and entities installing themselves on him. With this video it was an entity and i felt it. And, what is funny, is that it was not an entity transmitted from that video itself, but it is an entity attached that patrons all this knowledge about alchemy. Whomever gets into this field of research using, of course, their presented knowledge, their images, their info, their books, their charts, their explanations (rather than finding this knowledge in it’s true form from within) gets “touched” and a bit “conquered” by the entity that patrons this knowledge. And this entity then grows more and more inside that person, alternating his perception and his free way of asserting and thinking about things.

I felt it yesterday. I finished watching the video and I sensed that something inside of me changed, and not exactly changed.. but is like I was not different, something extra was inside my mind, I could feel it! I didn’t had time at first to figure it out, because I was working. But when I finished working, in 2 hours from then, I sat within myself.. and wondered “What is different?”, “What is this?”. And then I sensed it. It was the entity of the alchemical info (not the real genuine info, of course, the alchemical info they present here, that is pretty much distorted even if they say is for so very few).

And how did I knew something was different? How did this layer, or entity, operated? Well.. I knew something was different, because prior to watching the video I had a sense of sovereignty in my being. I had trust within myself. I had clarity of thought, like a genuine clarity of sensing my essence and the essence of things around. After watching the video, I started having a kind o doubt sensation within myself. And as I said, at first, I couldn’t understand.. what is this feeling? What is this?

But then.. i sat within me, and felt it completely and saw: it was this entity that works like this: after she is alluring you into what knowledge she is providing she then makes you a kind of servant under her. Like, after that, you have something / someone above you that dictates how things are. You are not sovereign and in full authority in your mind and being anymore, but now something else is greater than you and you have to listen to that. This is her modus operandi. I just sensed within myself a sense of “i am not worthy, i have to do this and this and that, and maybe at some point i will come to understand the real truth. and right now i could be mistaken with what i know to be truth from within, and i have to listen to more and more videos, and find more and more about this topic, so i can have real knowledge”. Can you see the bullshit? 🙂

I don’t know if I can make it more clear. But this entity was inflicting sensations that i am not worthy enough with the knowledge i have, the knowledge i have from myself is so little compared to her knowledge, and while feeling that i don’t have enough knowledge, i should buy into her knowledge, and while doing that… i automatically becoming a servant to her, and she is patronising me from this point on. I could literally feel these things inside of me, although they are not with words, they are like a sensation that you have to dive into it, and look at it completely in order to discern it in it’s true form.

So this virus, this parasite, this entity, had just installed itself in my inner structure and mind, and started to affect my perceptions and way of thinking, but at some very very very subtle level.

If one doesn’t have a strong sense of self observance, and self sensing his own essence, he wouldn’t have noticed this happening within himself. He would have thought that those are his own sensations, totally false!

So after I caught it, i immediately absorbed it and uninstalled it. How do I do that? First i commanded to be cleanse off from any entity/program/parasite/virus that has been installed in my structure, and then (command usually work, but when something is much more stronger they are not enough) i dived into it with my whole being, in 100% honesty and sincerity, and i felt this entity to it’s core, and thus.. i melted it. It disappeared. They disintegrate when being seen, they only work in the dark side within us. If we go and look at them, and stare at them, and completely feel them.. they are transformed back to nothing. Our light (internal light of observation) is what lights them up, and thus bringing them to life.. and thus.. making them disappear from this dead world.

So .. now I know that all info about the alchemical process, the inner alchemy with all its steps and explanations contains viruses and has an egregor, an entity that patronises those who go into that scenario, and seek that knowledge. It is very surprising to me also.. because i wouldn’t have expected such things! Inner alchemy info is something very occluded for the masses, and designed only for very few that are real and seek real knowledge. And here is the joke again: they have designed systems to catch even these very few.

Bottom base is: stay within yourself! you have every knowledge within! Just trust what you sense. This is everything you need.

And of course, after you get clear and clear within yourself.. you can take rides and listen to all kinds of stuff, because then.. you will already know what your true essence is like, and anything that is not that, or that comes extra.. you will feel it immediately and you will dissolve it on the spot. After some point, you can go in the world and just watch their jokes, they are laying this jokes and traps everywhere, but now you can just see them and laugh.


I recorded this last night. It is easier for me to record sometimes. Writing takes longer and while recording everything is 100% live, I get to express lively what it is. For whomever wants to hear also the audio, here it is:

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