Our resistance to this life is what keeps it real

Rarely I find 100% truth being spoken, like this guy managed to lay it out. Most of the people around are either deceivers or asleep/amnesic individuals, that have forgotten the truth. This is a valuable text, found in a comment on a youtube video, that I will share it here, because for whom understands, this is truly gold, and can help one remember himself and the real truth.

:Kris – Devin
“Just my take on this:

As long as you continue to try to figure out 3d, which means you believe it is real and worth fighting for, you will never understand that there is NO reincarnation OUTSIDE of 3d.

No ET’s, No devils or demons, etc.
ALL of those things are a part of the 3D experience.
Awareness, which IS what you really are, IS outside of this 3d dream.
Therefore so long as you focus on the 3d illusion ~ Concern yourself with all the happenings in it, you will never find your way home and you will always be in fear. And in that 3d experience you get to recycle for eternity.
So trying to figure it out will keep you in it. Because YOU BELIEVE IT TO BE TRUE.  All thought is 3d. Thought is the creation OF 3d.
Awareness is NO thing, No thought, No division of light. No resistance to anything in this 3d creation. Resistance to any of it is how it is kept from dissolving into nothingness.  And that is the whole agenda.
To keep you in the matrix so that you can never return to Awareness.
What you have to wrap your head around, and this is not an easy task, is that EVERYTHING, including all religions, all gods, all new age, all New World Order info, news media, gossip; EVERYTHING you THINK is real, including Archons and all the other multitudes of ways to understand the workings of 3D, IS part of the deception.
Until you can SEE that all those that are teaching these things ARE also in 3d, (including the maker of this video above and myself) and you apply their thoughts on these ideas, you are still in the matrix of the grand illusion. The only difference is INTENT.
Unless you really understand that the only way to confuse “Awareness” is to create a thought, which creates light, sound, shapes, etc, then these words will not make sense. Because, there is no way to communicate this through intellect ~in 3d. And in 3d we are extremely limited.
If you ever read The Hidden Hand material, in it, HH gave us all the clues. What he could not reveal was that this Luciferian Entity was the WHOLE of 3D.  BOTH POLARITIES.
That is the only way they can get you to resist. And to resist 3d~ is to assist in creating the 3d experience.
And this is why the things you cannot see as illusion were created to be beautiful and enticing.  A place you would not want to leave. A place you would fight for.
It doesn’t matter which side you are on. Either side is part of the illusion. Their only chance to keep the 3d experience of hell alive is to create a polarity you LOVE and to get you to believe in it and choose a side. Either side is to lose your awareness.
And finally….the reason they speak in riddles, and HAVE to show you their agenda by reversing the message is to create the opposition to it.  Until you want to crawl out of your skin and desperately try to find your way home through other dimensions and doorways all leading back to this place..
And until you can see that ALL the dimensions are a part of the illusion there will be no escape until death of the physical.
Outside of these light dimensions there is NO reincarnation. Find your way back to THE SILENCE BETWEEN THE NOTES. The SILENCE, overpowering the VOLUME of the ILLUSORY notes being played…     That is your escape. This does not require meditation but may be helpful in finding the void on your journey home.
We are already there.”



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