A comment on Nature

The following text was written as a response to a comment, on a youtube post.

[Original comment] “I totally agree nature is fascinating, but to me, it is fascinating in the same way a mass murder is fascinating. I don’t want to actually be a part of it. The more I learn about nature, the more inhospitable and parasitical it all feels. Nature is kinda like some gold-digger chick. It can put on a beautiful display, but it’s out for blood, and always takes everything. And if you don’t learn all of the gold-digger’s tricks and deceit, it will punish your trust.”

“I get your point and I feel your pain, but allow me to share a bit of my perspective.

Think about having an extremely precious thing.. would you put that thing out in the open, for all the thieves and robbers to partake in it? Or.. would you carefully deliver that thing to the one’s that prove their hands are capable and their hearts are wise?

Nature diligently disguises itself as inhospitable. But it only does so for our (currently) blind eyes and deaf ears. This is why it was said that “it is only with the heart that one can see rightly”. Once we purify our perception, once we begin to ‘see with our heart’, nature begins opening its mysteries to us.

How do you think people in the past knew the different properties of plants, mushrooms, etc? Do you really think they made trial and error, eating them and seeing what kills and what doesn’t?

Not so long ago the human being still had much of its true sense of perception active (the heart sense). And with this heart sense.. one could see and know things as they are. One could approach a certain plant, for example, and just know.. its chemical composition, how it should be used, in what amounts, and for what. There was a constant communication, at all levels of existence. Everything spoke with everything else.

Another way to describe this is through the story of Dune (Frank Herbert). Dune was one of the harshest planets, just bare deserts, extreme temperatures and seemingly no life. And still.. the sands of Dune contained in them a magical substance that was the most precious substance in the entire universe.”

DN Dec 9, 2023

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