The trick of the Trickster

The ultimate trick of the ‘Trickster’ is to make you think you were tricked to come to this existence here.

To think that means to believe that your Spirit ( your True Self ) is somehow stupid or ignorant, and thus unreliable and untrusty. And this is almost like the ultimate sin, the ultimate deception, cause if you lose trust in your Spirit, you basically lost everything.

You then believe more in the power of the Trickster than in the power of your Spirit, and with this.. guess who’s servant you become?

You are a sovereign and autonomous being, and you chose willingly to come to this existence here. Stop promoting the lie and the abomination of thinking otherwise.

Until you accept 100% self responsibility, how would you expect Life to treat you as a sovereign, free and autonomous being?

Time for this game to conclude.

Let’s do this!

DN Dec 4, 2023

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