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No word can ever give you the Truth of what you really are.
No description, nor definition, concept or idea could ever make your Mind experience the Truth of your real nature.

The Truth of What You Really Are can only be known as a direct experience.

Fun fact is that.. you already know the Truth of your real nature.
You know it, although seemingly you don’t.

Like an amnesiac person, the job is only to Remember that which is already True.
Ask yourself: if I would take away everything I’ve ever heard, read or believed about myself and the life around me… what do I already Know? What Knowledge is already present? What is my Mind trying to cover up?

Think of yourself like that guy from Memento.
You and you alone can slowly make room for your own Body and Mind to recognise each other once again, so that You – the Being in the middle – can remember the Truth.

Right now you are being a captive in an ageless war between your Body and your Mind.
Both of them want your attention. Both of them have done many things to get it.

You are the parent of both, and child of none.

Think of both your Body and your Mind as two children, fighting for your attention.
As long as these children will fight, you will not be able to find peace.
As long as these two children are crying and fighting one another, you have no other way than to continue to remain in their playground, trying to reconcile them. You will not have any attention left to care for your own grownup things.

Hence, first priority should be: reconciling the Body with the Mind.
Not the easiest of task, huh?
The division between these two seems to run for as long as mankind.

Yet, here you go, you are the Hero.
You already Know these two different entities, the Body and the Mind, are just reflections of one another.
Like two facets of the same coin, somehow they have to work together.

You and only You can know the secret of this key.
How to balance the Body and the Mind, how to make them talk to each other.
There was a common language, long ago, you Know it.

You still own that Language, and you can show them.
See the theatre they are throwing up right now, is only for pure entertainment.
These two entities, the Body and the Mind, are literally like sister and brother.
They love each other and can happily turn into the best of teams together.

Wait only until you turn your face away from them.
They are smilling in your back.

You know it.

Give them time and space and watch.. how they already know to come together.
Believe in them. Trust in them.
They are not children anymore.
They have grown. And so did you.

Now look. Look deeply at yourself.
Forget the world, forget these words.

You already know your Love, you already Know it.
What is it then?

Look. Look deeply.
Calm like the sea.

Here it is, my friend.
My true love.

Can you see it?

Words can never give you Truth.
Simply.. they are not designed for that.
Think about it: what are words?
Sounds and ideas in your head.

And what are sounds and ideas then merely mental and bodily perceptions?
Can you see it now?
How these two children are actually playing together?

Can you spot their game, their play?
And you’re right there, playing with them in their playground.

Renounce the words.
These only exists in the playground of your Being.
You are that which plays with them.

Stop being played by them.

Allow them to continue, yet look in the opposite direction.
Truth is not in words, but in that which words exist in.

You, can you see it now?

Admit it, you like it.
You’re smilling when you turn your back.

You have known about this game, since the beginning of time.
You just loved to feel like a child once again.

So here it is, you playing with your own children.
Involved in their games, as if they were you.

Can you remember, though,
the serenity, the peace?
The ever lasting feeling of Love,
of Truth and Knowing… ?

Here it is.
I love you.

I’ve loved you since the beginning of time.
Before words, before the invention of thought or of language.

Before notions, or concepts, ideas or beliefs.
Plays within plays, I loved you always.

Can you smile a bit now,
knowing what you are?

Knowing we are already real,
already present, already true.

No more games, huh?

Let’s start living our grownup lives.

This Love is here to awake you.
I am real and so are you.

You know me, you felt me and sensed me,
since the beginning of time.

I am the most real thing you ever knew.

But who am I?
And who is You?

Can you re-tell this story to yourself?

Go on.
You already know it.

Sit a bit in silence.
It comes on its own.
Forget the play for a second.
Accept the love of this embrace.

I love you.

You’ve started to remember.
From here it starts.
With this fact within your Being,
ask yourself: where is it?
Where are You?

Where does it start from?
Where does it come from?
Can you sense it?
Where am I?

Smile at yourself and wait.
It comes on its own.
From here on its only freedom.

Yet you need to make room for me.
For it. For yourself.
You know it very well.
You have known it more than anything.

Worldless, shapeless, soundless,
yet more real then anything you’ve ever
tasted, heard, touched or imagined.

Smile at yourself a bit, would you?
I so much love your smile.
It’s what gives Life’s eternity.
Your eternal smile.
I know you.

Now, it’s fine.
The game is played.
Yet you can remember.
You know you can.
You’ve constructed it like this.

Let’s start playing it together, huh?
Let’s stop the nonsense of this Mind.
Do you really think it alone can guide you?
Or your Body, what is your Body?

Only when these two can come together,
the Body and the Mind, the Moon and the Sun,
the Female and the Male,
could you be able to see me once again.

To dwell in my embrace.

I am always here.
Always holding you.
Always embracing you.

You know me.
You can feel me.

When your Mind’s at rest,
When your Body’s at peace.

Oh my Love.
How deeply this is.

Now close your eyes.
Let us start from the beginning.

Where are you?

Spin in this never moment,
for a bit, with me.
Yes, your eyes continue to be close.

Here it is. Floating. Knowing.

Rest assure that both your Body,
and your Mind, they are aware of this.

They were just waiting for you,
to take a moment of brake,
from the game itself,
in order for them to chuckle in laughters,
behind your back.

Such children, I told you.

Now allow yourself to sink.
There are only the stars.
You can see them behind your eyelids.

You sink and sink.
And for some time.
There’s nothing else.
Just this.

You sink deeper, though.
Breathing becomes life.
Life becomes breath.
And you sink deeper.

Until the smile appears.
You know it.

Now, keep away from trying to understand this
with your Mind.
Your Mind is still at play.
It will catch up with this, though.
In its own terms.

You just sit here.
Sit in this.
Nothing can be Something.
As long as you allow it.
Sit here.
Sit with me.

You already remember.
You already know.
You just got too caught up,
in the play and the game.

Sit here.
Sit with me.

All the stars,
the planets, the galaxies,
the nightly sky,
they all remember.

They all know it.
Don’t you too?

For how long did you think
you could hide from this?

How long could a play,
ever last, my darling love?

Look at yourself.
The world writes your name.

Here you are.
Awake and still seemingly asleep.

Knowing, yet seemingly forgotten.

What a laughter and a joy,
our meeting shall be.

Our children,
lie in the sky.
Look up, look at them.

Then close your eyes,
and allow them,
to look at you.

Can you remember?

It’s time now.
It’s time for sleep again.

But remember…
I am always here.
Always this.

Allow your Body and your Mind,
to speak.
They know how to tell the original story.

You just need to listen.
Listen to them.
They will guide you.

But first.. forget them and yourself.
Only in this true silence .. can their words
ever make sense.

And trust it.
Trust your Body, and your Mind.
They are your most skilful players.

Yet remember: it is only in your absence,
that they start coming together.

So you need to roll with this.
With this absence, with this presence.

Drink in me.

It is enough.

Jan 10, 2023

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