The singer and the dancer

The observer and the observed.

One is the singer, the one who sings this song of creation… moment by moment, right now. And another one is the listener, aka: the observer, that hears the song. In this way the singer is the giver and the listener is the receiver. In order for the circle to complete itself the listener must also give something back. And the only thing the listener can give back to the singer is: the dance. The listener is the one who can dance to the music he hears. And the act of dancing is an act of creating something out of the music you hear, is an act of giving back. And the singer now sees the dance of the listener, so the singer now is the receiver. And thus the circle is completed. Only if the listener starts dancing can both the singer and listener be complete.

Only after the observer acknowledges the creation he is perceiving, then and only then… he is able to give something back. And now the “creator” can see his song interpreted by the unique dance of the observer. In reality both of them are of equal importance, I would almost say that the listener/observer has more at state in his power – because without its ability to properly hear the music and dance, the song goes by without and end result. If the listener doesn’t dance then he remains only a receiver, a consumer of the music. And the singer has nothing to receive but only gives. So the real individuals here/observers/perceivers/listeners must remember the act of dancing, must remember to open up, to be aware and show the life that pours through them.

This is the dance: when the listener starts to show in exterior the life that sings through him. He shows that song of life as purely as he hears it, unadulterated by fears, instincts or social norms. And now we have a moving wheel, that turns on a specific kind of ship 🙂

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