We are the virus

Because I still don’t have my true self entirely present in this experience i loose energy each time I interact with some pieces of this world and especially it’s inhabitants, that most of them are just walking robots pre-programmed to show and activate exactly the dark spots I carry within. So if, let’s say… within myself I reject looking at a fear, then the inhabitants of this world will come and, purposefully almost, play a scenario to reveal that fear.

It’s always about what I am rejecting to look at, inside of the structure I am in here, in this movie. Just to remind whomever it is reading this: we, our true selves, have zero fears, zero emotions, zero instincts, zero anything that exists here in this movie. Instead, when we boarded up to this game it’s like we took on a specific piece of clothing, like for example… a diver takes on a diving suite and then he jumps into the water. This diving suite we are in – that I call a structure – has all these predefined fears, instincts, emotions, desires, preferences, archetypes, etc. We embody this suite and then we enter the game. This is how it is.

What happens is that this diving suite has some characteristics that we like, and some that cause pain, and thus… we reject looking at them. Again, this is also already built like this. We knew prior to boarding up and we choose what we will be rejecting here. So, I have inside the structure I am living in here, some features that I totally reject. And this is an – very important – unconscious rejection! This is not something that I do consciously, if it would be conscious rejection it would be fine! Rejection is not bad, is a tool. When anything is done unconsciously, meaning: without you being aware that it is happening, without you playing that scenario out of your true will, then that scenario is played by default mode, and you don’t know about it. Light and darkness always refer to that which you know vs that which you don’t know. Light = knowledge of what is there, aka: knowledge of truth. Darkness is only that which covers, obstructs, diverts or inverts the truth so it is not clear anymore, and you don’t know it.

So getting back to the rejection. Rejection can be used with good purpose when you do it consciously out of your will, and this decision having your attention. Rejection can be a good tool here in this world, when you consciously know some things must be kept away. But when it is done without your will, without you knowing about it, then it is from what people have labeled “unconscious” – and this is the default mode of living, that is unknowingness of the truth, and thus: total darkness. And most of time we have an inner rejection and we are living inside a diving suite that is built to reject the life itself (!) Very important. This diving suite we are on, this time, is built to reject, deny and hide the pureness of life. So we have the virus “within” ourselves, in a manner of speaking. In a manner of speaking WE ARE THE VIRUS, because… we have this virus within us! We do to life what we complain others do to us. Are we not the ones who reject their most purest forms of acting or being, here in this world, just because we are afraid we will be ostracised by the society or that we will be rejected, or that.. we will not fit? Are we not the ones who deliberately choose to hide our inner most and purest form of expression, just because we are afraid others will not like us? That inner most form of expression is life itself expressing through you. Any real being here is life itself in a given note. You are life itself, playing the rejection game. You are life itself hiding itself. And this game is about “liberating” and accepting the truth and quality of being life itself. And this means: start to embody your unique way of being, start to let life pour through you in its purest form, like it is. This is the only chance. The only way and the only reason for this game to happen.

We generally take the pure life that comes through us and we deliberately adulterate it to please others and/or the society we are living in. This is in fact, darkness. We hide life, we deliberately make actions to hide the truth. It’s the exact formula of darkness. This is ok because we knew this when we boarded up. We needed to be the virus in order to find the cure. How else could we have been able to cure or repair something? We needed to be it. To find out how it is built, how it is acting, etc. But starting here we got 100% identified with it (again – part of the initial plan) and of course, we became it, totally forgetting anything else. (this is a quality of the undivided attention we are, at a certain level.) And here we are. Now we must learn how to cure this virus from within itself.

So getting back to my first ideas. Each time I am not 100% pure and present here in this reality, totally beaming up the life that comes through me, I loose energy – and then I need to eat to get that energy back by consuming the environment I am in. Another funny thing is that, actually we are the environment we are eating so we are just cannibalising ourselves, in a sense – and this only helps to keep us in this dead circle. Because we are dead right now. Death is repetition and stagnation. Is like a room with no air to breath. Life is the fresh air, and is always something that is moving, changing, etc.

Each time I interact with the inhabitants of this world I loose energy more or less because, most of them, just show me these dark spots – spots that I unconsciously rejected, spots where life itself is denied. Dead spots, yep. So these people come, and if I am not 100% present and pure while interacting with them, then.. I loose energy. And they take it, store it and consume it.

I see zero faults to them because they are like worms decomposing a dead body. They are like organisms doing their job in this total bio-sphere we are in. Just like dragonflies preying on mosquitos. Just like decomposing bacterias working on a dead body. Only organisms doing their job, as programmed, in the order of this entire game. Of course that.. if we have dead spots, or dark spots within our structure, there will be these “people” coming and preying on them. It is just built as such. We have an unknown weakness? There will be someone who will make it the most evident truth, by causing so much pain to us and stealing so much energy from that, that it is impossible to reject looking at that weakness anymore.

Bottom line is: as long as we are present with our true self in this game, then the energy stays within. No one has any intend to harm us unless we don’t priorly harm ourselves. But to notice where you harm yourself, to notice the pain you are in – but you are not aware of – that is the mastery 🙂

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