The True Spiritual Path is a Together Path!

99% of all spiritual teachings have been deceptive and misleading.

They might have had some truths in them, but usually that truth is twisted in some way, or presented in an uncompleted form, that it ultimately makes that spiritual teaching ineffective. Stagnating one on the path of true understanding, rather than actually aiding with the process.

The deception of most current spirituality is that it aims the individual.

It constantly sells the idea that the individual has to do something to achieve either union with god, either a perfect state of being, either some illuminated type of experience.

From what I started to see internally: this is false!

Our true story for why we exist and what we might need to do here on Earth might be something completely different!

Our true purpose is only together!

Any true spiritual endeavour should be about re-uniting us, rather than keeping us more separated and isolated.

The True Spiritual Path is a Together Path!

And it’s only US TOGETHER, that we can remember both what we are.. and what we have to do!

Time to re-create the circle!

Time for the Holy Fire to burn once again!

Nov 18, 2023

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