(Video) We have reached the tipping point

The situation in the world has reached a tipping point. Humanity, right now, is faced with a decision. Two paths are laid before us, and both of them lead to the same destination: Home, Truth, the Real.

Yet, as two different rides, one path takes us Home via even more suffering, domination and control. Another path takes us Home via a freedom, naturality and magnificence that this Earth has never seen before.

Truly a miraculous journey.

Which of these paths is humanity to take?

This decision seems to lean in the hands of a limited number of beings. Their work can tip the collective balance towards the path of Life and of freedom.

This video is my call towards joining this miraculous journey. It’s time we join our hands together.

It’s time to take this seriously.

00:00 The state that our world is in right now is kinda devastating
02:53 Healthy technology is already available
08:03 Changing the overall consciousness of humanity
12:15 The two paths humanity can take
15:35 A graphic of the two paths
17:11 Choosing Life
18:08 It’s time to take this seriously
22:00 We have reached the tipping point
23:46 Become a servant of Love

(The video might take 10-30 seconds to load, depending on the internet speed.)

After seeing this video, I deeply recommend seeing these two other videos:

(1) The first video portrays one of the potential Dark Paths, brilliantly foreseen by Chiron Last in one of his early videos (from 8-9 years ago).

(I would recommend seeing this video 2-3 times, so that the info syncs.)

(2) The second video is just the tiniiiiest hint (0,0000001%) of what the Light technology and the Light Path can be:

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