Video: Learning how to feel the feelings

“A more integrative understanding of the process of feeling the feelings.

Feeling the feelings is one method for deep shadow work. From my experience this process is the most deep, authentic and cathartic process of working with one’s Soul.

As Spirit represents the Light part of our Self, the Masculine, the Sun, the Soul represent the Dark part of ourselves, the feminine, the Moon.

This means Feeling the Feelings is working with integrating the Soul, the Dark Self. What has been referred to by many as “shadow work”. The Shadow Self is nothing else then our own very Soul, the Moon, which seems disconnected from our Spirit, the Sun.

This process of Feeling the Feelings is the counter-partner of the process of Resting as Pure Awareness (which means working with the Light Self).

From my experience once these two processes are used together, both working with the Soul (Dark Self, Consciousness, Moon) and the Spirit (Light Self, Awareness, Sun), an integrative understanding and becoming of oneself can happen.”

Nov 23, 2022

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