7 layers of pain

When one is experiencing pain – conscious or unconscious – it can barely see itself or another one for real. Pain makes one very short sighted. Pain brings incredible depth and focus, sprouting the possibility for unmatchable amount of knowledge, at the expense of loosing sight or track of everything else.

Basically as we zoom in we see the thing we are focusing on in greater and greater detail, but we loose track of everything else that now falls out of our sight. And what pain really is is just a reminder. An attraction force, a magnetic pull toward everything else we left behind. A cord, a string, a pull to help us zoom out when we are ready. The Ariadne’s thread.

Pain always pushes us to see things we are not seeing. As I wrote at some point: “All pain wants is our attention“. Either physical pain, emotional or mental… pain always seeks attention. Because in fact, it lost it when we decided to zoom in. And pain increases with each level of zoom. At the first levels pain is barely noticeable. But as we zoom more and more.. we see less and less of everything else, and thus the attraction force (eg: the pain) becomes enormous.

And pain was not never meant to be painful. Pain became painful after it was coupled with rejection. Basically beings refusing to zoom out, refusing to see everything else then their object of attention.

So when in pain.. follow its lead. Let pain show you the road, quiet the mind and just follow it. It might appear that we are now in the process of zooming in more and more into creation, but actually we are in the process of zooming out more and more, and this is why pain is here.. and we “learn” to hear it. And what healing really is is just the zoom out process.

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