About death and the real Tower of Babel

Death has been distorted in this reality just like any other existing thing almost. Through an insidious notion people have been made to believe a process so natural as death is something undesirable or bad. Its like you would take some kids, raise them in a basement and play tricks upon their minds to make them hate they have hands ! So now the kids, after generations of living and breeding in the same basement, are scared of their own hands, and paradoxically almost destroying them in the fear of them. This is how the real notion of what death is has been inverted here. People are made to believe that to die is something scary – when, in fact their rage and fear is about a total different process. People don’t hate death, which is just a natural process like having hands, people are really scared of the rape death is dressed in here. The idea that you die without you wanting that. So it’s a will clinch. A rape. In this reality death has been – of course – rape-nised. Like so many normal processes this process has been used as a test of having something natural done against your will (!). In real life no death is possible without priorly existing a will for that. Any cell at a given moment needs to leave its old form behind to accommodate its new acquired perspective and experience. Death is just that old form being decomposed back to nothingness, back from the substance it was originally birthed from. And this can only happen… once that cell decides to change and morph its shape into another one. So its always a call from the cell itself. Death it’s the most natural process initiated by the cell itself. And then there are – of course – decomposers, cells that help other cells decompose their shell back to nothing. Some cells do this by default, they decompose their own shells. Some other cells have already installed codes in the shell itself that know how to do this when the cell decides.

Of course any old shell must be decomposed, of course any form is born from nothingness and goes back to that once no more needed ! In the real reality we have true ecology ! Why should dead cells be left in the body, flowing around, cluttering and piling up like wastes ? This has zero logic and usefulness. So decomposing back a form its the most normal process – unlike what people have been made here to believe. How would the human body function if all the dead cells we had from our birth were kept inside the body ? And what function would that serve… ? So you need eaters – that come and eat the old shells, of course ! In reality this is so normal like.. breathing, peeing or moving a hand. It’s almost unnoticeable. But here even this small and un-noticeable process has been weaponised against the mind of the individuals and breed with rape… you get almost the real deadliest experience ( imaginary, of course!). Because now.. you get to seemingly have no will to how 1. your cell is manoeuvred 2. what exactly your own shell is doing in the process of its own existence (people live in almost complete wonder and disconnection of their own body) and 3. when is the moment this shell needs to be decomposed. People have been almost completely stripped away of the most basic relationship to their own body and thus: their own living experience has been made to be believed as almost entirely outside of their power and will. What an experiment !! This entire experiment is one of rape ! We have tested with rape to a degree that even our own existence has been seemingly (!) pulled out of our will!

And this is one of the reasons why there are so many individuals on this planet, btw. Because the once whole intelligence has been split to such myriad of points and none of those points have enough power to actually properly run their life on their own. Because to run an entire body on your own you need a good amount of intelligence and what we can call mental “power”, attention “fuel”. Here this power has been split to gazillions of points and each point employed as a battery that would pump the minimum amount of energy necessary to sustain a simulated version of the whole body – just so enough for that point to believe as if that simulation is the real, entire body. What a joke ! And what a hell crushing experiment ! So of course.. once you willingly split yourself into gazillions of points then all your power is split as well. Now all those points were put inside a simulated version of the entire reality but of course… a scrambled up version of reality, just as scrambled as they now were between them. This is the Babel Tower that has been made to pieces. The original human body was the connection between earth and “heaven”. Then the body was shattered and the single one language that was uniting all the cells into a single body was split into so many different languages, the cells unrecognising their own brothers and sisters anymore. Two liver cells, let’s say, could be made now to speak 2 different languages and in the maximum absurdity of this: be put to function in complete other un-natural ways : one cell could be put to act as a simulated heart cell, let’s say, and the other like a simulated neurone. What a craziness ! No wonder that after the split you needed outside forces to control and sustain all this process. And when those outside forces started to add their own “creativeness” and alter the process instead of just keeping it balanced, you now get to have the most extreme un-naturality possible. What a play and dance we invented this time ! So of course, only in this simulated version we get to actually experience ourselves as split, disconnected from the others and our selves. Of course in reality we are already together, joined hands as we always are. But look what our imagination can stretch to :))

So to get back: death is only a natural phenomena that is permanently in the will of the cell itself. Only the cell itself knows when it is its right time to evolve and thus decompose its shell and take the next one. Its always the cell who decides this moment, and the transition between 2 forms is almost un-noticed – by the time the old form is released the cell already inhabits a new one – it is like a snake slowly giving up its skin, while building the new one. And this is also the process of what humans are doing, actually – in this simulation here. We are in the so called purgatory right now. A prologued state of mental recovery where we get to remind ourselves about our true nature and slowly, in our own pace, leave this false nature behind that has been our “home” for the god knows how many eons, and slowly return to our natural state once again. This is how much time the mind needed this time, to partake from this form of un-naturality. And it’s actually not so much, I could say we were rather quick, because time flows different in the real reality.

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