Observations on feminine and masculine 19.01.2020 – PART1

I now understand the role of man and woman. The so called masculine and feminine. Any man needs to have a woman to support his creations! This is their purpose! This is how it is. Woman, or the symbol of the totality of life, is always everything there is. The feminine energy in a sense – is the entirety of life. Everything that ever exist. The pure absolute potential. But it is an energy that has zero forms, that is pure pourable nothing. Pure pourable magnetic fluid, that can shape and take any form. Without this substance literally no creation could ever exist. Without this substance there would only be imaginations, but with zero reality to them – you would see the imagined forms, but only in thoughts. The feminine energy is what makes everything have mass, the feminine energy is – in a sense – the physicality, or… that which makes things real to the touch, to the feeling, to the thought.

And I so much almost break down inside myself now… to understand and see this with my own “eye” .. and feel the pain of any man, right now, who does not have his partner woman to help his creations breathe. I so much feel myself lost in the pain mans really feel. It’s a pain, a cry .. infinite that no mind alone could ever carry. It’s a pain so enormous that had to be split so that so many individuals would be able to understand it – to carry it. Man really need the woman – but they cannot force the woman. They never can. It is always up to the woman if she waters the ideas or not. This is man’s struggle in this creation. To be suspended in that decision. And in the real reality – there are zero questions about who is the man and who is the woman. The woman always serves.. because, this is life itself! Do you think life ever wants anything?? Do you think that if life would have any preference… we would be able to experience anything at all? LIFE HAS ZERO PREFERENCES! Life only loves to have someone play with “her”! Life only loves to take any shape it is poured into ! This is life! This is love!

The feminine is always that which is! That which loves! That which creates the opportunity for the masculine to create, to express. And in the feminine supporting the masculine, finally both of them are complete. Because the feminine gets to enjoy the play the masculine is creating for her, and the masculine gets to enjoy being able to create and observe his creations! All creations are an act of making love.

My heart is in so much pain right now.. feeling the real pain mans have endured here in this creation.


And woman have endured enormous pains as well.. because.. they have not been honoured and loved the way their cells knew normality would require. This entire creation has been an experiment of going against our own nature!

And going against our nature meant for men to forget why they were creating in the first place – becoming more enamoured with their own creations than to the life they were creating for – meaning: the female. We have played an experiment to test how it would be if men would love more their ideas than the female itself, the reason for their own ideas. And women also turned against their nature, because.. they were engineered to think they should also be creators! So a competition sprouted. And the man was – obviously – the one who had have the idea of the game of abandoning the female 🙂 But again… all is just a play 🙂 And from the highest level the female always agreed to play the play, otherwise we would not be able to experience it. It is always the female that says “yes”, and then the game begins.

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  1. Sunt de acord cu tot ce ai spus aici. Sunt lucruri pe care le-am simtit si eu, fie constitutiv si ne constientizat, fie analizat. Eu asa am trait de mic, in interiorul unui univers personal in care derulam astfel de concept si trairi. In lecturile mele, ici si colo am dat de cate un ganditor/filosof care vedea si el lucrurile asa. Sunt rari. Am o intrebare. Aceste lucruri se refera la reali si doar la ei? Ce se petrece cu femeile grosiere si barbatii vulgari, de care e plina lumea? Acum sunt majoritatea. Sunt AI actori? Ce rol au? Sa degradeze conceptele pure de care vorbesti? Exemplu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ORH9aMTB-U

  2. Urmeaza sa mai public 2-3 articole pe tema asta, deoarece e o tema care adreseaza una din cele mai profunde si adanci aspecte din noi. Curand vom intelege si ce sunt acesti femei si barbati grosieri – departe de a fi femei si barbati, ci copii neingrijiti.

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