The feminine and masculine – PART 2 – The feminine primordial aspect

Woman are the care givers! Woman are the supporters! Woman are the ones who naturally support the man, not otherwise! Do you think that a woman – meaning: the totality of life – needs any support to exist? What would life need in order to be life? Does life require anything to be?? Life already is everything and it knows that. Life only likes for something to stir it, to play with it, to take it for a spin on the dance floor. This is what the female is. Pure total life. The only thing that has created pain in the females here is the male aspect inside the female body, that was asking for his part of attention and fuel to create!
Women here were made to think they are small and helpless, and it is this idea that has caused havoc more than anything. Heck.. give a real woman any challenge, any idea, and she will be able to solve it! Put her in any extreme circumstance.. give her any puzzle, and she will eventually solve it! This is what the female is, this is what life is! A mouldable clay that eventually takes any form!

When man has taken his eyes away from the woman and has started playing alone – this is when the woman felt into a 10000 mile pit, completely severed of any affection and no one to play with. She continued to support the man, even in his endeavour to despise her, to reject her – because – everything is just a play! In reality, the man could not despise the female even if he wanted! How can a hand despise another?? In reality the man always loves the woman! Always! It is in the joy of seeing how she reacts to his creations that he really has any drive to ever create! Men only creates in their love for the women! And women only exist in their love to exist. And secretly they adore the man, his ingeniosity, his intelligence, his smart way of moving, thinking, acting, creating – she loves to see all his creations! Nothing else in life could make a woman happier than to see a creation a man has built for her.

But in this human experience here we have diverted so much from this normal and natural way of being. And this is because … the smarty patsy man had a new idea this time. The most genius idea ever – what would it be if we would invent a play of rejection, of going against our own nature? And the female was “oh, brilliant! totally, yeah, let’s do it!” :))) This is how much the female loves any idea the male invents for her. She sees only brilliance in him, total trust – completely naked in his hand, letting him do whatever he imagines with her. This is the true female essence : an essence of pure vulnerability, pure trust, pure love to be played with.
In the end the man only invents so many creations for the female to experience. I could say at this point that the man doesn’t even experience its own creations. It is only seeing her experiencing his creations that makes up his experience of its own creations.
The female is the only one who experiences herself through all the perspectives the male is creating for her. This is the entire thing that ever happens. She can only understand herself through him – so he invents so many ideas for her to see herself in so many ways. And now.. the male came up with this new idea of rejection, and the female had to experience how rejecting herself would feel. Life experienced how it would be to reject itself. And boy… haven’t we all experienced a full mouth of it?? :))

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