Journal 03.02.2020 – Following the voice of the soul

One of the ways in which I got to best practice following what I call “the voice of the soul“ is when I would go foraging for mushrooms. Wild mushroom don’t just grow like fruits in trees – one must go and look for them in the wilderness of the forest. And they have a sort of joke, a thing of theirs where they sometimes like to play hiding – especially the good ones 🙂 Any mushroom hunter would know this feeling. Many times when going out for mushrooms I remained with the sensation that I didn’t find them, but in fact.. they decided to show themselves to me, so I can pick them.

So … I would spend hours in some occasions, scattering the forest with almost no mushroom to be found. This happened especially when I was not actually relaxing and paying attention. So little by little I started following the “voice within”. I would know what type of mushroom I am looking for, and then I would just go wild – listening to that voice, wherever it would lead me. In many occasions – almost in all the occasions – this voice lead me to unknown, muddy, steepy or somehow dangerous areas. I would hear the voice, I would see where it signals I should go… I would ponder the difficulty or unknowingness.. I would think for a second if I should really do it, and then.. as I learned, I would just go. In many occasions I would get almost completely lost in the forest – as it happened also today. But the voice would signal the path, so I would continue to go. Eventually ALWAYS the path lead to incredible places, and ALWAYS to the way out of the forest – and exactly in the spot I wanted to get. Needless to say.. that almost always.. after taking a somehow difficult path, after climbing a steep – for example –  that I would not choose to do so usually, there at the top.. there would be the mushroom I was seeking for.

So.. this is what I call following “the voice of the soul” – or the “voice within“. That voice that ALWAYS ALWAYS leads one to its most precious path of its heart. Always! That voice is always there – it is the “letter” in the “Myth of the Pearl“, it is the “guiding will” that takes care of anyone and anything. That voice is my outermost beloved companion, here in this reality. I sometimes perceive it as a real beloved one who is guiding me from outside the game.

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  1. E interesanta perspectiva ta, o voi pune si eu in practica. Mi-a amintit de acest text gasit pe net de curand, e chiar un tip care este fan materialul Free your brain: “There is a certain luckiness which self confidence brings, the certainty that things are going to work out well for that person, generally but not always, leads to the desired result. Double sixes, a winning hand, the perfect goal. Sportsmen know of this phenomenon and I spent some time with professional archers in France and at that time the world’s number one archer was a Frenchman. At the time I thought that archery was just a matter of lining up the target and firing the arrow but they told me that there was much more to it that that; a kind of inner mastery was needed to hit the centre of target which I was told, was a physical impossibility using only the physical senses: the centre of the target can only scarcely be seen and there is no physical way to make the arrow hit the middle of the target. Instead it was all done with the mind. A sense of certainty and confidence being necessary; an inner stillness required to tell the body how best to fire the arrow to strike the centre. Again and again I was informed of this quasi-mystical side to the sport of archery and by extension, to all sports, indeed this was more or less proven to me by the fact that unfortunately for France archery, the world number one had recently had a dramatic drop in form and was underperforming in every competition he entered. It seemed his time was coming to an end. Yet he was still a young man so what could have been the reason? I asked around and was told, to prove their hypothesis of the inner stillness, that he was having relationship problems and that this had caused his drop in form.

    Everyone has experienced this but has not known to put it into words. On the other hand the person who feels hopeless and the world is set against them will generally always throw double noughts in whatever they intend to do. This confidence and certainty in the self is one of the surest ways to succeed in any undertaking.” Am tras si eu cu arcul, la un club, eram incepator, iar instructoarea era uimita cat de bine trag, cum nimeresc in centrul tintei, sau foarte aproape, si zicea ca e rar ca un incepator sa reuseasca asa ceva. Acum imi dau seama ca am o liniste interioara profunda, si asa deveneam una cu tinta si cu arcul si cu sageata. In budism, mindfulness, se recomanda practicantilor sa traga cu arcul, pentru a-si constientiza tensiunile launtrice nebanuite, si pentru a accede la linistea profunda a sinelui. Ce spui tu de ciuperci este ceva asemanator, adevarul e ca nu sunt bun la gasit ciuperci, dar trebuie sa devin una cu padurea 🙂

  2. Yeah, what he does with the arc.. basically is just using the mind to direct the outcome of the arrow. We don’t notice we do this, and we think “wow.. I am lucky” :)) There is no such thing. Only mind power. But the trick about mind power, as with any other traits here in this creation, is that if no one tells you about it.. you don’t know you have it :))) So most then surely you have incredible mind power… and the clues are there, in the way you almost hit the target just as a beginner.

    Still.. this mind and will power are a slightly different method than “following the voice of the soul”. At least for me. Because when I am following.. I am doing just that: follow. Listen. Then act. But with the arrow or anything like that, you have a certain deliberation. When I listen to the “voice of the soul” I have almost zero ideas where that would lead me. I just know what I need… and then I follow. And that’s it. Most of the times I can listen without even knowing directly what I need – but if I listen and follow.. I am getting to experiences that I recognise then in that moment: “wow, this is exactly what I needed”. So it works a bit different, because it surpasses knowledge and desires.

    They are similar methods, almost the same one – but different in that the “listen and following” one is more loose, you have more time to understand and see the process – whereas the mind power is the same, but incredibly concise – you don’t understand most of the times why it worked – it is too quick. Most of the people then just consider the result as being luck. Basically the “mind power” method is the one we need to get to, but learn to use the mind power only in 100% accordance with the voice within. Otherwise… mind power without inner guidance is again constructing chaos and loops.

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