About humans optimal organisation system

The human is not meant to live in such large groups, such like we see cities here on “planet errhhht”.

Never, in my recorded memory of functional worlds, do I remember beings living together, one “on top“ of the other, like they were put to do so in our current society. Here people are raised and treated just like cattle. Just as you would take a wild beautiful bison, you would domesticate it, and you would raise it in captivity in hundreds and thousands of members in a very small space, all stepping in each others shit.

People need space. Lots of the current in-balances of the so called “modern” era are also due to how people are put to live: very squeezed together – from an energetic point of view. Think of these immense apartment buildings. So many people stacked one on top of the other – the mood and energy of one affecting all the others – constantly, moment by moment.

It is natural for a being to have space. Space means the ability for it to dwell primarily in its own juice, in its own energy – and then: in the energy of the group this being wants to take part in.

This is why small communities and groups, living in collaboration to one another are  – like a net of communities – to the best of my memory – is the optimal form of energy organisation.

This is why people feel so “good” – when they are in “Nature”. They think it is the nature that energises them – when in fact, it is almost the opposite: their own energy is finally energising them – rather than being sucked up by all other people, events, noises, situations and occurrences that happen when in a city. In Nature one is finally alone, or in small groups, and their own energy is finally remaining to them – energising, revitalising and healing them. This can also be attained in cities – but one needs to train its mind and will to detach from any cords, beings, attachments, occurrences.. that constantly pulls away its energy. And this requires effort, self discipline and training.

This is why beings are so depleted in cities. They are tired without even knowing why. They think it’s the chemical pollution, the noises, etc.. when in fact it’s the energetic pollution of having so many people stacked together, and their energy sucked out day and night, 24/7.

I repeat myself, but need to state this clearly: the optimal organisational system for human beings is small to medium groups of alike energies – just as we see in native tribes, fortunately still existing on this planet.

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  1. Frumos spus si foarte adevarat. Am simtit asta de mic, ma sufocam la oras, si imi doream spatii deschise, natura sau case risipite pe dealuri.

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