Live as you would teach

Whatever I am teaching this soul body in this ‘lifetime’ it will remain engraved in the memory of its genetics. Whatever I am building inside this human character, whatever events, situations or people I am exposing it too, it will shape its future personality, choices and influence its next development. I am starting to get aware of the real implications driving this human body actually holds.

See, I also thought – until recently – that the body I use and the whole human character I play from is me… or at least something I use and its under my possession to use with zero further implications. Well.. it is under my possession, but it is also more than this. I sometimes feel I picked up this soul like I would have picked a certain character in a movie to drive it to better outcomes, to teach it better choices or help it heal. Actually in a couple of occasions I felt this soul I inhabit its not mine – in the sense that I didn’t wrote this entire story of this character – although, I remember building this precise human one.
I feel this soul might have had more than one driver over time. Some other beings might have used this soul before and they might have taken certain actions with it. The actions these beings took led to certain outcomes, that eventually got it to where it is right now.

What I more accurately feel for myself is that I embodied this soul like one would take on a cloth. I took on its traumas, its past experiences, its choices, personality, etc – to help it get out or better said: get pass a certain level, or unstuck itself from a certain point. This soul I inhabit was important because it was part of a certain network of souls that was playing a certain role into a certain scenario. Healing this soul would give a new chance to the whole network he is part of to learn about a new way of existing, of taking actions, etc.

I needed time to understand – and still do – what this world is really about. What is this main story these networks of souls are playing, why and how the story is played. If I shall manage to drive this soul to the intended purpose this will help give birth to a specific kind of baby. Actually the baby is in a continuous state of being born. With any moment, with any action, choice or thought I make this baby soul learns. This is why I feel to get more responsible towards what events, people or situations I am exposing this baby to. What am I teaching this child about? Am I teaching it this random way of living with no sense of self? Of having no clue where and what he is living for? Of going robotic through life in a continuous miss of something he actually has within? Or I am teaching it about standing firm in itself, seeing itself, accepting to see life in all of its forms? Am I teaching it about holding its ground, speaking the truth, being always open and absorbant, continuously learning and moving?

It is clear to me now that we should live our life like teaching a child.

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