Morning observation / 10.27.2018 / real body / real reality

1. Our “soul” is our real “body”, in the “real” reality. Very physical, similar to here. Better to say, considered physical there, but of a completely different nature/material then here. I have written the following text some weeks ago, now it finally completed it’s sense:

 “Reality is being experienced with the whole body. Not with the mind, like here. In reality the whole body it’s receptive to the environment, understanding and processing experience and knowledge , just as here (but of a much higher amplitude) we do with our minds. Here the body is pretty idle, just a biological mechanism – tied to an artificial, illusory, construct -> mind”.

In the real reality what here we call “soul” is in fact our true “body”. They’ve copied this very well, because, also in the real reality the soul it’s made up of a large number of small fractals, but … each fractal it’s an unit of understanding, and it’s almost a being of it’s own. Here we have the “cells”, which mimic and act quite similar, but they are robotic, Ai intelligent machines, which follow only certain number of tasks and objectives. Not alive, not having alive capability of knowledge and insight, change and decision. Even in the real reality the body’s fractals are not entirely alive – having 100% will of their own, even though they can start commanding the body, in extreme situations, to save or help the user. (which is what happens now, we get impulses from our soul, which contains inside all the knowledge from the beginning of the “universe”/“creation”.). They are more like adjuvants or little keepers, helpers for the spirit/being embody them.

 In the real reality the body absorbs all the experience/knowledge and it’s stored inside. Each being knows anything in the real reality. There can be no hiding. In fact there is almost like an incredible joy and purpose to discover more and to share everything with others (and the information it’s shared via the inner network of the soul bodies. People there do not speak, it’s more of a communication done out of truth, out of what is. They don’t use telepathy or even intention, this is too old, too wear out communication. You “look” at something and that something it reveals in front of you with all that he is, you can know anything instantly about anything – if you focus your being and attention to it, it doesn’t happen automatically, so it’s not disturbing or overwhelming. for example, if you have something to do, and move through reality to do it, things around do not just flood you with info, although you sense everything in your “body”, but you need to focus on them, emerge yourself with your being/attention in them (something very easy and natural there), and they are 100% revealed. There can be no hiding.).

Maybe this is why I am like this, trying to share, to communicate. Maybe it’s some scrap of past remembering that this is the normal way.

2. Everything we see, smell, hear, touch, and taste here, it’s a bit virused, a bit distorted. It’s designed this way. So there is no chance of figuring things out looking outward. I know this has been said billion times, but now I see it for what it is. Every person we encounter and we interact with through our senses and our human mind, emotions, and so (the avatar with all it’s energetic/etheric bodies and constructs), it’s a bit untruthful, distorted from the truth of what they really are. If we continue to sense this reality, to understand it with our senses we just decide to be caught in an endless loop. There is no discovering truth with what is “here”. Anything that we encounter we must re-learn to “view” it with our real “body”, that is .. the “soul”. Things in reality are quite different from the constructs we have here about them! Quite different!! Mostly the people around. The reality about them it’s quite different than what we sense with our senses here. I know this is not new info, but now… i totally understand the reality of this. Each person we meet we must try to observe it and “see” it with our “soul”. We must stop lending so much attention to the info of the senses, mind and emotions. They are worthless. Just keeps us in an endless loop.

3. very very very important, at this time : We must start living here like in the real reality ! We must start behaving and being like we would do in the real reality !

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