Nothing is our natural state

Actually nothing is the best thing in the world. Any other thing, except pure nothing, has a degree of pain. Because to live something means to pretend that that something exists. To pretend that that something exists … something else must be created in order for you to remember that that is an illusion. And this is pain. Pain only is as strong as our degree of identification with a creation we are living. If we return to living creation in pure awareness of the totality and nothingness of everything then pain becomes inexistent, or as less existing as our capacity to do that.

Beings are really in love with the state of nothing. Deep down inside there is always something that craves this natural state, that wants to return to pure zero, absolute love. This is why we always search balance. Too cold and we get disturbed. Too hot and we again get disturbed. The right temperature is the one that is not felt. The right emotion is the one that is not felt. The right thought is the one that is not noticed. Souls always crave the state of nothing, even if they are not aware of that. Nothing is our real, pure state of being, which we try to re-create … just like kids in sand boxes.

Most people are scared to realise that in our real, purest state, we are nothing. They believe that this means no existence, no perception, total darkness – when, in fact, it is quite the opposite. In the state of nothing we have total perception over everything and the most alive experience ever. Here, in our current “existence”, we are all dead to a certain degree. When I say that we are nothing, i don’t mean inexistent. I mean we are nothing any concept and definition of this world can match. We are nothing for this world, that doesn’t mean we don’t exists. It is quite the opposite. In the state of nothing we have the most complete existence and aliveness that can possibly be.

Temptation – Nichita Stanescu
Only I
resemble yourself –
you – mirror – you
never resemble yourself.
Only nothing,
only that,
resembles everything
that is.

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