The path of conscious effort

The path of conscious effort speeds things up while the path of conscious relaxation integrates things. Both must be used together, as the extreme usage of any of them leads to imbalances and a possible decay.

Either it is physical, mental or emotional effort – all conscious efforts increase the strength and further develop their respective muscles. And all efforts ultimately lead to the increase of the awareness muscle and the awareness body. This leading back to increase acuity in the mind, increased emotional intelligence, increased perception and awareness. Without deliberate conscious effort any body stagnates. And without a proper conscious relaxation that integrates and deeply settles the new acquired strength any body, either it is mental, emotional, physical or awareness body, is prone to expand so much that it falls apart.

Throughout my “reviving back” experience I had to create for myself a diverse palette of conscious efforts: physical exercises, fasting, sitting in the cold, standing still in the face of emotions, looking and feeling the pain of the soul, facing the fears, and while doing all of these: training my awareness body to gain back the strength to view all forms of life in an equal manner – which for me represents normality.

After a long period of not using a certain body, it seems much difficult to start. There is pain there from the muscles that got atrophied. So, just like the effort of physical exercises first bring pain when the physical body is un-trained or not used for a long period of time, so does the effort of exercising the awareness, emotional, mental, or soul body. And it is much more easy once we start. And from my experience increasing the strength of any of the bodies – increases back all the others.

And any new expansion must be met with proper integration, that is: relaxation and settlement. Still.. if no conscious effort is applied the body (physical, emotional, mental, soul, awareness) starts withering and enters in a sort of coma state .. which is what brought us to this present state we are in.

And I need to also observe that this reality here pushes me to move. Maybe in many other realities I wouldn’t even noticed that my awareness body was slightly numbed or that it has portions in sleep mode. I was so happy doing so many things that I would barely notice other portions of myself. But this reality here, is different. This reality here is not cutting me short anymore. I need to re-become myself, I need to re-gain the strength of my bodies – especially my single one body from which all other bodies are birthed: my awareness body.

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