Some notions on bodies

When I first entered in this creation I have embodied a will body. The will body gave me a first direction, a first preference. Outside of the will body and outside of this creation I perceive myself as being what we can call a neutral being. A natural expression of life. Outside this creation I see all forms of life in an equal manner and all forms of life spark my interest the same. I view everything with the same awe and reverence. There is zero thing more important than another, more beautiful or more ugly than another. There is zero thing to be pursued or zero thing to be avoided. I exist by existing, by passing life through me, and so does everyone else.

When I first embodied the will body, I gained a first preference. With the will body I now have a “taste” for seeing some portions of life more, and some other portions of life less. With the will body now my perception experiences the first split, the first duality, in a sense. I am curios for some things, but not so curios anymore about other things. So next thing with the will body I embody a soul body. A soul body takes the now existing will and starts spinning it, starts putting it in motion – creating waves, rays, or flames that now can be perceived by me and others. With the soul body I can start moving my awareness (body) to get me closer to the things I now prefer to see, and further from the things I now want to avoid. The soul body gives me the property of choice.

Then with the soul body I can now choose to insert myself in any sub-creation, or let’s call it: world. Inside this main creation there are numerous worlds each with their own characteristics and properties, and each time I want to experience myself in a given world I need to embody my soul body first into a mind body, and then into what we generally call a physical body.

The mind body basically helps me embody the mind of that world. By embodying a mind body I now perceive myself through the archetypes, the actions, the concepts, the notions of that world. Its like deepening my perception more and more, gaining more details into that world.

Lastly when I need to experience myself in worlds made up of multiple minds, then with the soul body I embody myself into what we generally call a “physical” body. A physical body is very similar to a mind body, but made up of multiple minds. In a physical body almost each cell has a mind of its own, a preference of its own, an archetype, a story, concepts, and personalities, allegiances and directions of its own. A physical body is a collection of multiple minds, multiple stories, all united under one single shape, one single formula. A galaxy, in a sense. Basically if a soul body has an unique music, an unique flame, an unique pattern of its own.. a physical body is a collection of music, a collection of flames, a collection of patterns. Truly: an universe, multiverse, hyperverse.. or an entire orchestra and composition. Being at the “wheel” of a physical body feels like experiencing that entire universe/multiverse/hyperverse from inside out, in a sense – being in contact with all the minds of that universe, at all times. This is why any being wearing a physical body is basically interacting with all other beings wearing the same physical body, even if it is not consciously aware of this. And this is where the notion of collective mind comes from.

The human body, for example, in its original blueprint is a collection of all the minds, all the stories, all the archetypes, everything that was ever created and invented in this creation here. The original human body is quite different than the stick figure with 2 arms and 2 legs which we usually call physical body. The original human body is truly a permutation of the entire universe – being able to shape itself into any form that was ever invented! With the original human body anyone can be anything. Anyone can shift its form at will, becoming any form ever invented, only by holding one single body.

The original human body is the symbol behind the myth of the tower of Babel. A form that truly was reaching “heaven” in terms of the power it had – a power existent only because all the minds were working together, under the same “language”. And even though the original human body got split, and we currently experience a gazillion of down shifted versions of the human body, the original human body exists simultaneously with the split one, within any living being. It is up to the being if it wants to experience itself through the original human form, or through the split one.

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