The experience is having us

One might think that an experience is a product of two or more things interacting with each other. For example: when I sit on a chair, my mind might think that my body touches the chair, and thus the interaction of the separated elements (the body, the chair, the temperature in the room, the feelings I feel, the smells, etc) sum up together to form the experience of that. While what I see is different: the experience of my body sitting on the chair exists before my body or the chair exists. The experience of something I see it existing before the something. Like a sort of primordial stream of life that exists continuously, without beginning or end. This primordial experience divides itself in forms of itself only to have them unite back together later on to create the experience of itself again. Basically what I see is that: the experience is having us, rather than us having an experience.
The funny thing I find is that.. the same primordial stream of experience that in one occasion can take the form of a body sitting on the chair, can – in another occasion, another world, etc – take the form of eating an ice cream on a beach on a sunny day, for example. And this is why in dreams we can perceive seemingly un-related things happening under the same logical experience. Like: needing to pour a pink milkshake on the ground to fix a flatten tire :))
We usually know and work with primordial streams of life, primordial streams of experience, rather than the endless forms they can create.

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