The mind and the “experience”

We live submerged in a sort of magnetic fluid. The movements of the mind polarises the fluid around it. The fluid is the experience.

The fluid is made up of tiny particles, a sort of tiny black mirrors. They actually look more squared than round. Each particle contains in it the totality of all the possibilities. Each particle is nothing and everything at the same time – a miniature version of the entire mind.

When the mind adopts a state or another, an interest or another, the magnetic fluid around it polarises itself to show the “experience”.

The polarisation function is the one who is usually played with / changed -> in order to create different types of games.

For example: it’s not always the case that a visual image the mind holds inside is reflected by the magnetic fluid as is. If the formula of reflection has been altered or aspects other than images, let’s say, have been programmed to be reflected then the magnetic fluid/experience can reflect those other aspects of the mind.. not necessarily images. But still.. the mind holds the choice. And the mind chooses via interests rather than conscious thought – of course.

Mind has always “created” matter – meaning: has always been the attraction/projection force of the “experience” around.

Then it’s only up to the player to understand what waves/content of the mind he wants to hold within at any given moment, what is the projection formula this time … and start navigating the game properly.

This is why when one starts playing with the contents of the mind, when one trains or controls the contents others hold inside their mind, one manages to control the experienced reality. And this is what happened here on planet “errhhht”.

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